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Are Dogs Allowed On Fort Myers Beach? Full Details

Are Dogs Allowed On Fort Myers Beach? Full Details

Does your dog give you sad puppy eyes every time you leave for the beach? Yes?

Then, you might consider taking your furry friend along with you to Fort Myers Beach this time around!

But wait? Are dogs allowed on Fort Myers Beach? Yes, they are. But, this privilege comes with a few rules that you and your little buddy must adhere to.

Fort Myers Beach is a great destination to enjoy your vacation with your pup. Here’s the full detail of everything you must know so you don’t run into complications during your visit.

Is Fort Myers Beach Dog-Friendly?

Yes, Fort Myers Beach is dog-friendly. The beach offers a wide range of restaurants and accommodation facilities that are welcoming to dogs!

What’s more, there are thousands of activities that’ll keep you and your pup active and buzzing! Talk about the ultimate bonding experience! 

Are Dogs Allowed On Fort Myers Beach? What Are Some Dog-Friendly Eateries And Hotels There?

There are several hotels and restaurants you’re free to navigate with your dog.

Some of these dog-friendly restaurants include Nervous Nellie’s, The Salty Crab Bar & Grill, Snug Harbor., and Smokin’ Oyster Brewery. Others include Liki Tiki BBQ. Bayfront Bistro, Pinchers, and Skye’s Restaurant.

Look no further than Myerside Resort, Sun Deck Inn, Ryan’s Retreat, and Beach Haven Cottage for dog-friendly accommodation.

Brown dog at Fort Myers Beach

This list isn’t at all exhaustive as there are about 349 pet-friendly hotels at Fort Myers Beach!

Note, however, that the following State Lands and Lee County Parks on Fort Myers Beach will not welcome dogs. They include;

  • Lynn Hall Memorial Park
  • Crescent Beach Park
  • Matanzas Pass Preserve
  • Little Estero Critical Wildlife Area
  • Bowditch Point Park.

Beach Rules For Dogs

There’s no doubt that Fort Myers Beach is dog-friendly. Still, there are a couple of rules you might want to stick to when cruising with your furry pal at this beach.

  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times. The leash you use must be non-retractable and must not go beyond six feet
  • You must be able to control your dog at all times
  • Make sure to prevent your dog from disturbing or touching others without their permission
  • You must pick after your dog and dispose of waste/poop in the trash
  • If your dog is licensed, it might be a good idea to bring along the licensing papers

Do I Always Have To Put My Dog On A Leash?

Nope! There are certain areas near Fort Myers Beach that relieves you of the obligation to keep your pup leashed.

The first is Bonita Springs. Here, your dog can freely navigate the area without the encumbrance of the leash. Your dog meeting other dogs for some fun, vibrant play should set the tone for a positive day!

What’s more, there are stations where you can give your pup a quick rinse after all the fun.

The second is Woof-A-Hatchee Dog Park. The park is split into two. There’s the larger portion of the park reserved for bigger dogs. The smaller park is primarily for the smaller pups.

The division is important to keep the animals away from any altercations. Shower stations are also available here.

Is There A Restriction On Certain Breeds?

Not at all! But, it is advisable to bring only small dogs to the beach. Why?

Well, big dogs tend to intimidate other dogs and people at the beach. Again, they’re more difficult to control.

The goal here is to prevent as many accidents as possible. More importantly, bear in mind that if you bring along a bigger dog, you do so at your own risk.

Man playing with two dogs at Fort Myers Beach

So, you’ll be personally liable for any accidents that occur because of your dog’s mischievousness. Hopefully, that’s not going to happen.

Dog-Friendly Activities On Fort Myers Beach

Here are a few fun ideas that you and your furry friend may engage in while at the beach:

Frolic, Play, Splash

While on a leash, your pup can run around and play in the sand. What’s more, he can also splash in the shallow areas of the water or chase seagulls and crabs.

Hit The Trails

There are several pet-friendly walking trails near Fort Myers. These include the Buckingham Dog Park, Caloosahatchee Creek Reserve, Billy Creek Preserve, and Filter Marsh.

When tired of running and chasing your pup around, you can simply unwind with a peaceful stroll in the evening. You can be sure the beautiful scenery will be more than worth it.


You and your pup can explore the waters and wildlife if you charter a boat and head to the Picnic island.

While on the water, you and your pup can enjoy the amazing view, swim, or play together.

Make New Friends At Shell Factory

Arguably Fort Myers’s best pet-friendly attraction, the Shell Factory & Nature Park have tons to offer.

Here, it’s all about facilities and resources that’ll get him over the moon. There’s the Swamp Bar, Dogbones Café, and the Doggy Church.

You may also visit gaming houses or simply choose to explore nature. So much to do; so much fun to have! 

Take Strolls In Leashed Dog Parks

Might not be the most exciting activity at Fort Myers. But, you can take leashed walks with your furry pal at areas like Mound House, Newton Park, and Lovers Key State Park.

All that’s required is for your dog to be leased and well-behaved.

Beautiful scenery at Fort Myers Beach. Are dogs allowed here?

Go Shopping

Your pup is welcome to tag along at Fort Myers as you explore the shops.

The streets of Time Square are pet-friendly and accommodating of dogs.

Again, your dog is allowed in areas like Coconut Point Mall, and Bell Tower Shops.

In addition, there are areas where you and your dog can wine and dine. These restaurants offer treats and gourmet food specifically for owners and their dogs.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind When You Take Your Pup To Fort Myers Beach

Here are a few things you might want to consider when coming along with your furry pal to Fort Myers.

Be Conversant With The Rules

Make sure that you have thoroughly read the rules. And fully understand what is expected of you and your pup.

If your dog has never been to the beach, you may introduce him to the water on a calm day so he gets comfy with the foreign environment. Do remember to exercise patience as the process may take time.

Bring lots of water. Your dog will need volumes of it since he will engage in numerous rigorous activities. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

More importantly, remember that it is unsafe for your dog to drink too much salt water. So, keep a regular eye on him and don’t stop offering him fresh water to drink.

Beware Of Dangers Lurking In The sand. 

At the beach, there are several hazards.

So, be sure to remove any visible items such as broken glass and garbage.

Make sure to also keep your pup away from people that may exhibit hostility towards him. Also, look out for harmful creatures like jellyfish.

Offer Sun Protection. 

Just like you, your dog is also prone to sunburns.

So ensure that you coat your pup’s little nose and ears with sunscreen. Plus, ensure that the product you use is dog-friendly and does not contain zinc. It can be toxic for dogs.

Finally, after long hours of playing in the sun, find a cool spot with shade for your pup to curl up and rest.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash

Ensure that your dog has its collar on at all times. Even when it goes swimming. It is also advisable to attach tags with all the necessary information to contact you.

As soon as you notice your dog showing signs of fatigue, call it a day and give him plenty of time to rest.

Are dogs allowed on Fort Island Beach?

A Few More Reminders

Since it is a rule that you clean after your dog, don’t forget to take your scooper with you.

After everything, give your dog a rinse. A good rinse will help keep your dog’s coat in good shape. Moreover, it will help keep him from messing up your space with sand when you get back.

Beach odors will also be nipped in the bud with a good rinse.

Do not allow your dog to ingest foreign materials. Since it is the beach, there will be many things that you want to make sure don’t enter into your dog’s system.

Final Thoughts

So, are dogs allowed on Fort Myers Beach? Always! And you can be sure there’s not going to be a shortage of fun there.

But, remember there are a couple of rules you might want to get yourself acquainted with.

That way, you don’t risk getting kicked out or fined.

You should also bear in mind that people are just trying to have a good time at the beach. Make sure, therefore, to keep your dog under control at all times.

You want to have mad fun with Fido. And that’s what we wish for you too! We hope our recommendations will go all the way to help make your trip a stress-free and enjoyable one!

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