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Are Dogs Allowed In PetSmart? – Read Before Going

Are Dogs Allowed In PetSmart? – Read Before Going

If you have been asking yourself are dogs allowed In PetSmart, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know regarding dogs at PetSmart.

Visiting such a top store can be an exciting moment, not just for you but for your canine friend too. PetSmart is one of the leading and most popular pet retailers in the United States of America.

They sell a wide range of food, treats, and toys for pet enthusiasts. So are dogs allowed at PetSmart? Yes, PetSmart is a dog-friendly store and will allow dogs inside their stores. Keep reading to learn more.

dogs at PetSmart

PetSmart Dog Policy

As mentioned earlier, PetSmart is a pet-friendly store that will allow dogs and other pets inside their facilities.

However, they have a pet policy detailed on their website that all customers visiting their stores must be aware of and adhere to it.

According to the website, the pet policy at PetSmart states that they allow dogs and other pets inside their stores as they are leashed or safely confined. The dog should also be vaccinated.

Some of the animals that are allowed inside their stores include:

  • Domestic dogs
  • Birds
  • Domestic cats
  • Small animals and reptiles sold at the store (Bearded dragons, Guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, rats, hamsters, frogs, snakes, geckos, and birds.)
  • Non-venomous reptiles
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar gliders
  • Rabbits

All other pets that are not on the list are considered non-traditional and are not allowed inside any of the PetSmart stores. They consider a pet non-traditional unless:

  1. They sell the same type of pet or breed
  2. It can allow the adoption of the same breed or type of animal through their adoption partners.
  3. The pet in question is being treated at Banfield Hospital
  4. They sell various supplies intended for the breed ot type of pet.

Does PetSmart Sell Dogs?

If you have been asking yourself whether PetSmart sells dogs, the answer is No. They do not sell puppies or dogs at any of their stores.

Instead, they encourage the adoption of puppies and dogs through their annual adoption events and on their website. They also run a non-profit animal charity known as PetSmart Charities to help pets further.

Did PetSmart Ever Sell Dogs Or Puppies?

No, PetSmart stores have never sold puppies or dogs. The store was originally established to sell pet foods to consumers.

They opted not to sell puppies or dogs because many competitors outsourced their pets from inhumane puppy mills, with pets often experiencing cruelty.

Service Dogs At PetSmart

dogs at PetSmart

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) describes a Service dog as any dog that has been individually trained to perform tasks or work for a person with a disability. Such dogs are allowed inside PetSmart without any conditions.

According to the ADA, disability is a mental or physical impairment that can substantially limit major life activities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination of individuals on the basis of disability in state and local government, employment, transportation, public accommodations, and commercial facilities. 

A service dog will take specif action whenever necessary to assist the handler with their disabilities. They perform tasks that are directly related to the owner’s disability.

For instance, a guide dog will help a visually impaired and blind person to navigate their environment while a medical alert dog can signal the onset of a medical issue such as low blood sugar or seizure and the owner to the presence of allergens.

PetSmart will allow you inside their facilities with your service dog. They should not ask for any documentation form to prove the disability or to prove that your dog is a service animal. However, their employees may want to know the kind of work or tasks your dog has been trained to perform.

If you are visiting one of the PetSmart stores with your canine friend, just make sure that the pet is on a leash so that you are able to control it easily. Your dog should also behave well while inside the store.

There have been cases where employees at the store were forced to throw some dogs outside because their handlers failed to control them.

Training Your Own Service Dog

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not require service animals to be professionally trained. People with disabilities have the right to train their service animals themselves and are not required to use a training program or a professional service dog trainer. 

Here are a few characteristics of a candidate service dog:

  • Be alert all the time, but not reactive
  • Be calm always, especially in unfamiliar settings
  • Have a willingness to please
  • Be able to learn new things and retain information
  • Should be reliable in performing tasks
  • Be capable of being socialized to different environments and situations

Tips For Taking Your Dog Inside PetSmart

Not all dogs are used to going inside a store or even other public places. It can be a strange thing to them and even make them behave in a way they have never done before.

Therefore, it is always good to ensure your dog is adequately prepared and ready for such a new thing. If you are planning to take your canine friend to any of your nearest PetSmart stores, here are a few tips for making your visit a success.

Feed Your Dog First

When you walk with your furry friend inside the pet store, they will be surrounded by different kinds of smells and other temptations.

Pet stores usually have dog foods and various treats that any dog will fall in love with. Like human beings, your dog, too, can get munchies when surrounded by various treats and other temptations inside the store.

Therefore, it is always good to feed your dog before going out shopping at any pet store. If you feed them before getting inside the store, they will not feel as desperate and hungry while smelling all kinds of pet food. This will also ensure that you do not run into problems at the store.

Keep Them On The Leash

One of the rules at most stores and public places that allow pets is that dogs must always be on a leash. No matter how good your furry friend has been trained, a food store such as PetSmart is not the place to allow them to walk around freely without a leash.

It will be easier for you to control your dog while on a leash. You will have to make sure that the leash is short as possible so that the dog is close to you.

Train Your Dog

Every dog enthusiast will want to train his furry friend so that they are well-socialized and behave appropriately whenever in public places. Of course, it will not go the best way on the first day you will take your dog inside the store.

Therefore, you can start practicing with your dog before finally taking it inside the store. You can start with public places such as busy footpaths.

If your dog remains calm and alert when around a few people, you can now introduce them to the store. You can start by walking around the store without looking at things or stopping.

This will allow your dog to familiarize themselves with the store’s sights and sounds. The more you practice, the easier it will become.

Can I Adopt A Dog At PetSmart?

dogs at PetSmart

Yes, you can adopt a dog at PetSmart by visiting their website or even in their stores. They encourage the adoption of pets to help various pets, such as dogs, find their new loving homes.

Through their website, they will connect you to a local organization where you can find puppies and dogs to adopt. Additionally, they have over 1000 stores with adoption centers inside to help you find your desired pet to adopt.

Dog Adoption Process At PetSmart

You will find it easy to adopt a dog from PetSmart. As mentioned earlier, you can start the adoption process online by visiting their website and using their adoption services to locate a dog that is looking for a new owner.

Once on the website, they have a location filter that uses zip codes to help you find a furry friend looking for a home near you.

You can also begin the dog adoption process in PetSmart stores. They have an able team that will assist you appropriately. The adoption fee at the stores starts at $100 for one dog, while a pair of dogs will cost $150.

The fee includes various services for your dog, such as spaying and neutering, vaccination, 30 days free pet insurance, deworming, and microchipping.


If you have been asking yourself whether dogs are allowed inside PetSmart, you are now answered. They allow dogs inside their stores across the United States of America.

However, they also have a few rules and regulations that you must adhere to. For instance, your dog must always be on a leash while inside the store. 

To avoid being on the wrong side of their rules, you can consult them first before going out to shop with your dog. In addition, you will have to train your dog appropriately and make sure that they are well-behaved while inside the store.

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