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Are Dogs Allowed In Petco?

Are Dogs Allowed In Petco?

Being a dog parent means running a lot of fun errands. Errands that include shopping at large retail chains like Petco for pet supplies that’ll make Fido’s life more comfortable. It makes sense, therefore, to run such errands with Fido. But, are dogs allowed in Petco?

Yes, they are! As you’re surely aware, Petco is a pet shop. And like most pet shops, they will let dogs in! But, it’s not even just limited to dogs.

Petco will grant access to any domesticated companion animal of yours! It makes sense to allow the entry of animals like dogs and cats after all. Why? Because how else will you know for sure if that beautiful collar perfectly fits Fido if he doesn’t come with you.

What’s more, bringing him along will provide such an amazing opportunity to socialize with other dogs!

What’s Petco’s Pet Policy?

As indicated above, Petco has a liberal policy when it comes to dogs and pets in general.

Their pet policy is that all domesticated, vaccinated, and licensed companion animals are free to accompany their owners into their stores. There are no exceptions.

The only rule accompanying this policy is that any animal you bring inside should be appropriately restrained. 

So, if you’re taking Fido along, you might want to keep him on a leash. You should also make sure your dog has been fully vaccinated before taking him.

A couple of years ago, two Texas ranchers put Petco’s pet policy to the test. They went into the shop with their huge African Watusi steer. These animals are massive and usually weigh between 1,000 and 1,800 pounds.

Interestingly, Petco welcomed Oliver, the African Watusi steer very warmly.

Tweeted Petco CEO Ron Coughlin, after the incident, on Twitter, “Pets are family no matter the type. Breed or size! So proud (and a little jealous) of our Atascocita team for keeping Petco’s word when we say ‘ALL leashed pets are welcome.’ Meeting Oliver, the African Watusi, looks like an incredible experience.”

Are Dogs Allowed In Petco? What You Should Know Before You Go With Fido?

Petco is extremely dog-friendly. No doubt about that. But, one of the most important things to concern yourself about before leaving is your dog’s temperament.

Some animals don’t do well with crowds. And if you think Fido’s going to act nervous or cause mayhem, then you might want to rethink taking him along.

Dogs that show aggression or endanger the safety of other animals and customers will be turned away with their owners.

Make Sure Your Pup Is Well-Fed

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before heading out.

Can I take my dog to a pet shop like Petco?

No one behaves well when they’re angry. And same applies to dogs as well.

You don’t want to take Fido to Petco when he’s on an angry stomach. If he’s hungry, he’s gonna be easily distracted and a lot more reactionary than usual.

To avoid this, make sure to feed him sufficiently before heading out. It’ll keep him full and more compliable.

You might also want to get some treats in there as well. You bet that’s gonna keep him real grounded.

Allow Your Pup A Potty Break Before Leaving For Petco

A potty break is going to do your dog a whole world of good. Especially if he’s not housebroken.

You don’t want any embarrassing or gross scenes out there. So, give him ample time to ease himself before you head out.

More importantly, you should make sure to go with dog poop bags and wipes to clean after Fido in case of the expected.

Always Keep Fido On A Leash

We cannot emphasize this enough. Your dog may be perfectly trained and well-behaved.

But, you don’t want to take any chances. And besides, it’s Petco’s policy too! So, you’ve no choice but to follow it.

A not-too-long leash will ensure your dog stays close by always, making it a lot easier to control him when the need arises.

If your dog is a much smaller breed, carrying him in a dog sling or even a shoulder bag will more appropriate.

Are Service Animals Allowed In Petco?

Yes, they are! Service animals are those trained to assist disabled persons to perform certain tasks they ordinarily cannot perform.

USA ADA regulations require that service animals be given access into any establishment even ones that deal with food and beverage.

It makes sense, therefore, that they will be welcome at Petco with open arms.

After all, even African Watusi steers have a place at Petco. Why not service animals then? Especially when the law has made it mandatory that they be granted entry.

If Fido is a service animal, you still don’t want to forget to take him to Petco on a leash.

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What About Emotional Support Animals?

Emotional support animals provide comfort for owners who may be suffering from psychological problems.

So, people with anxiety, depression, or even certain phobias may need these animals for their companionship. It makes them feel more relaxed and in control.

There isn’t any reason to believe that such animals if they are dogs, will be prevented from entering Petco.

The store’s policy welcomes ALL pets. We believe, therefore, that this includes emotional support animals as well as companion pets.

All they ask of you is to keep your pup on a leash.

Is Ths Going To Be Fido’s First Time Shopping With You?

It’s okay to conclude that Fido’s going to ordinarily find joy in public because he’s readily comfortable with family and friends.

At a store, the reality may be a bit different. Even if you’ve been taking him for regular walks.

Why? A store will usually be crowded. And there’s going to be a lot of different faces, strange noises, and various smells that may throw him off-balance.

These can cause your dog to get stressed and nervous, especially if it’s his first time in such an establishment.

In that case, you may want to start slowly prepping him for crowdy outdoor stores.

For starters, take Fido to an area or mall where there’s heavy pedestrian traffic. Take a walk together with your dog and take note of his reactions.

Do this a couple more times to get him to acclimate to such settings. Once he’s used to it, you may be able to take him straight to Petco.

We think a pet store is more appropriate for Fido’s first time. Here, the smells may be a lot more familiar as there’ll be treats, food, and toys on sale. More importantly, there will be other dogs as well, making the process even easier for him.

Final Thoughts

So, are dogs allowed in Petco? YES, they are. A resounding yes because which pet store won’t entertain your furry friend?

They may even have treats at the register for Fido on your arrival! At some locations, Petco might even be open for pet grooming and obedience training services.

This should tell you all you need to know about their posture regarding dogs.

It is important, however, that you always keep your dog on a leash. ALWAYS. And make sure to keep him constantly under control.

We have no doubt in our minds you both are gonna have the time of your lives together at Petco. Happy shopping!!

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