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Are Dogs Allowed In Michaels?

Are Dogs Allowed In Michaels?

You’ve probably been planning on visiting Michaels Stores for a while now. Your attic project won’t complete itself. So, you’re thinking of getting a few craft and project supplies from Michaels this weekend with none other than doggo. But, are dogs allowed in Michaels?

Yes, absolutely! Dogs are allowed in  Michaels. And, oh, it’s not just limited to service dogs. You can come along with any companion animal of yours!

Will this cute brown and white pup be allowed in Michaels?

So, yes, regardless of Fido’s breed, you sure can take him shopping with you at Michaels.

But, the store requires that you keep him under control at all times.

Is Michaels Dog-Friendly?

Yes, no doubt about that. Michaels is a retail chain consisting of 1,252 stores across America and Canada.

We have reason to believe that most of these stores are dog-friendly. And that both staff and management will welcome dogs into their stores without reservations.

So, you should have no trouble shopping for your project supplies while Fido tags along.

Staffers may even treat Fido to a cookie on your way out. So, look out for that.

What Is Michaels Pet Policy?

Interestingly, Michaels don’t have an official statement out there regarding their position on bringing in your pet. So, don’t even bother hopping onto the store’s website to check for that.

It’s, therefore, more like an unspoken rule or general practice. And it’s one that customers are very familiar with.

A quick search on Michaels official Facebook page and you’ll be greeted with dozens of customers waxing lyrical about the store’s pet policy.

Wrote George and Louis Puggies, “Thanks Michaels Stores for being dog friendly! I had fun looking at beads and stuffies with my sisters!”

A euphoric Crystal Ruby who took her Service Dog in Training to Michaels Stores also noted that she took her service dog-in-training there and, “ was our best experience yet, in regards to employees. Not a single employee interfered with us, and we’ve had this issue MANY times at other pet friendly stores.

Generally, therefore we can conclude that despite not having an official pet policy, Michaels position on bringing animals into its stores is a positive one.

Are Dogs Allowed In Michaels? What Rules Do I Need To Follow?

That Michaels has an unwritten pet policy doesn’t mean there are no rules governing the process of bringing dogs along.

Most stores that allow pets are quite insistent on ensuring that you handle your dog in such a way as to facilitate an environment that won’t interfere with other customers’ use of the place.

As they say, with great freedom comes great responsibility. Thus, to ensure your dog’s safety as well as to safeguard the interest of other shoppers, there are a few guidelines you might be willing to follow.

Keep Fido On A Leash At All Times

If there’s any rule you want to comply with the most, then it’s the rule to keep Fido on a leash at all times.

Not everyone fancies dogs. Some people may be allergic to dogs. Others may just be outright scared of dogs. And you don’t want your dog chasing them or even knocking things over.

If dogs aren’t secured on leashes, you can imagine the chaos that will spread throughout the store.

The leash, preferably, shouldn’t be more than 6 feet long.

If your dog is smaller, a dog bag or sling would do the trick.

Clean Up After Fido

When taking Fido to Michaels, make sure to take a potty bag and some wipes along. Especially if your pup isn’t housebroken.

Again, depending on the kind of staff at the local store you visit, they may not be too accommodating if your dog is soiling the premises. Thus, they may take exception to this and show you and your dog the door.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen. Just make sure that you’re prompt to clean any mess that Fido creates while you’re shopping.

Keep Fido Under Control At All Times

There are few companion animals as endearing as dogs. But, they can become a handful at times. And if we fail to exercise our dominance in those circumstances, we may find ourselves paying a huge price thereafter.

Excessive barking and lunging at other customers are behaviors you want to nip in the bud when shopping with Fido.

Inability to keep him under control will lead to staff turning you away. You know your dog better than anyone does. You know what easily triggers uneasiness in him and how to calm him down.

Consequently, always make sure that you can keep Fido well-behaved throughout your time shopping with him

Before You Leave For The Store

You know what guidelines to follow while at Michaels with Fido. But, do you know what you must do before setting off so as to encounter as few problems as possible at the store?

Here are a few things you might want to thrash out before leaving for Michaels.

Make Sure Fido Is Properly Socialized

Not every dog will take warmly to large crowds when he isn’t used to such scenes.

A store like Michaels will be teeming with customers. There will probably be new scents your dog isn’t used to. Sounds from children shouting excitedly or shopping carts going to and fro may unsettle your dog.

Generally, it may end up being a little too much for your dog to absorb. Especially if it’s his first time with you.

If your dog, therefore, isn’t used to such scenarios, you might want to take your time teaching him the ropes. Go out regularly with him. Try and spend time with him at the amusement park, take walks with him on busy footpaths, and just get him to acclimate to situations that involve crowds.

You may also get him to walk with you around various stores without necessarily entering. Get him to appreciate the sights, sounds, and smells tied to mini-stores. Before long, he should be ready to play in the big leagues.

Feed Your Dog

Give Fido a satisfying meal before you head out. A satisfied dog is more likely to be grounded and compliable than one that’s hungry.

More often than not, dogs that are very hungry will act of character. They’ll pull on the leash, trying to get a sniff or grab at whatever’s edible around them.

A shopping cart at Michaels

It will also help greatly if you could take some treats along. You never know if you’re going to spend a chunk of your time at Michaels. 

In the course of shopping, Fido may get a bit grumpy. And it’ll help to pop him some treats just to calm his nerves.

Give Fido A Potty Break

Before leaving for the store, get Fido to ease himself. It, of course, pays to go along with a potty bag and some wipes.

Still, you don’t want it to get to that stage. It might cause some embarrassment which you may not be willing to deal with.

So, get your furry pal to the bathroom before getting him to the store.

Will Michaels’ Unwritten Pet Policy Differ From One Store To Another?

Most likely! First, they have no official pet policy. The general rule   albeit unofficial  is that dogs are allowed in Michaels.

But, because it’s not a written or official rule, the management of an individual store will wield a lot of discretion in exercising the right to allow dogs in.

You may, thus, find that a particular branch may only allow access to service dogs. Another may also allow entry of only small dogs in addition to service animals.

So, policies may differ from store to store. As a result, you might want to ring the store and check in with management on whether it’s okay to bring your dog. We trust it’s going to save you from disappointment.

Does Michaels’ Dog Policy Apply To Service Dogs Only?

We have no reason to believe that Michaels’ dog policy is tied just to service dogs.

As we’ve said, they don’t have an official statement out there regarding the matter. But, if this article is anything to go by, then you’d accept that, generally, all kinds of dogs are allowed into Michaels.

Many customers over the years have been able to shop with their dogs at Michaels. Some were service dogs. Others weren’t.

We hold, therefore, that Michaels’ dog-friendly applies to all dogs including service dogs.

Will Local Rregulations Affect Fido’s Access To Michaels?

Generally, state and local regulations can determine whether or not animals can be allowed into an establishment.

Usually, though, these rules apply a lot more to food establishments. It’s mostly to avoid creating unsanitary conditions that will trigger the spread of germs and diseases.

Woman shopping at Michaels - Are dogs allowed here?

However, Michaels isn’t a food establishment. They’re an art-and-craft chain store. So, you can expect that local regulations won’t apply to bar animals from accessing the store.

Final Thoughts

So, are dogs allowed in Michaels? You bet they are! And like we’ve mentioned, you can take any type of dog.

You must remember, though, that it’s mandatory to keep your dog on a leash when you’re there.

Don’t forget to call management beforehand to be doubly sure if you can take Fido along.

Also, try as much as possible to follow the general rules and guidelines we listed in this article. We trust that you’ll be fine. Happy shopping! 

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