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Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Will you be allowed to go inside a Lowes store with your pet dogs in tow? Of course, your immediate answer is probably going to be that this has to be a no.

But are you aware that not every company in the country has the same rules and regulations when it comes to something such as this?

But here is the thing, the answer here is not always as straightforward as you think. Instead, you need to take each company on an individual basis, and see what they have to say about this particular situation.

So, with that in mind, what happens with Lowes?

The Answer

Here is an answer that may very well surprise you, dogs are indeed allowed inside Lowes stores, and we are not just talking about service dogs either.

Yes, you can walk in with your pet beside you, and there will be absolutely no problem in you doing so.

Yes, it turns out that Lowes has a very relaxed approach to welcoming dogs into their store. They really have no problem whatsoever in you taking them in their stores.

Also, it does appear to be the case that there are no special requirements either.

But There is a Problem

Well, actually there are a couple of problems. You see, it’s not clear on their website as to what their pet policy is at this moment in time.

However, their customer service department is clear when you ask them that all dogs are allowed inside stores.

So while it’s not written down on their website, the company does allow you to walk into their stores with your dog.

But here’s the other problem. 

This only applies to Lowes stores in the United States. If you are in Canada, then it’s a different story. In fact, if you live in Canada, then only service dogs are allowed in their stores.

Then, it has to be identified as a service dog and wear a vest or harness. 

dog inside store

Lowes is Pet-Friendly

Lowes actually makes a big deal out of being pet-friendly. They say that this is because of their absolute commitment to making the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for every single individual.

So, if that involves an individual wanting to walk around with their dog beside them, then they have absolutely no problem with that.

This is great to discover. It makes a huge difference to dog owners knowing they won’t be challenged when they venture into the store. 

But as we have already stated, there are a few caveats to be aware of.

Your Dog Must Be Under Control

This one is pretty obvious, but your dog must be under control at all times. That means they need to be kept on their leash. If they require a muzzle when out in public, then put it on. Then you should have no problems.

Having them on a leash should be done even if you feel your dog is the most well-behaved and under-control dog on the planet.

This will be a strange environment for them, and who knows what could possibly startle them, or grab their attention. After that, you never know what could happen, so it’s important that you have complete control.

dog store

They Cannot Be Disruptive

Here is another important point, your dog cannot be disruptive at any point during their time in Lowes. Now, while it’s impossible for you to state that your dog will never bark.

It does mean you have to pay attention to what is happening around you and prevent any problems from occurring as best you can.

Lowes is well aware of the fact that dogs bark. However, you must be able to get them to stop, and they will certainly not be allowed to display any type of aggression to other dogs at any point. Or, any humans for that matter.

At the same time, they cannot jump up onto things, or other people. You should certainly try your best to make sure they are not over-excited by the stimuli that is surrounding them. 

If you feel that your dog is a sucker for being drawn into new surroundings and getting too excited, then going into Lowes may not be the best of ideas.

Cleaning Up

We would make sure your dog has been to the toilet just before going into Lowes. This will drastically reduce the chances of something going wrong, and you then have to clean up after them.

Look, staff at Lowes knows that accidents can happen, and they certainly do, but you then need to be prepared to get everything spotless again after your dog has done their business.

But as we said, getting your dog to relieve themselves before you go into Lowes is the best course of action. It could prevent a difficult situation from happening in the first place.

But Should You Check First?

But as this is not something that is written down in company policy. This is even though customer service states it’s not a problem, should that mean you go ahead and check in advance?

Well, that’s up to you, but we do think that this is a good idea. This is perhaps the best course of action to take.

Call your local store, and double-check with them even though there is a very good chance you won’t have any issues.

At least by doing that, you will feel more relaxed and confident about taking your dog into the store.

You never know who may be unaware of these unwritten rules and who could then go ahead and possibly challenge you. If this happens, you will know where you stand and how to deal with it accordingly.

Be Aware Some Stores May Have a Different Idea

You should also know that some stores could have a slightly different idea about dogs in their store. That is all thanks to Lowes not writing things down in their company policy.

Having an unwritten rule makes life harder, and this is the perfect example of that. That is why you should look at checking in first, as we mentioned above.

It is a stressful situation if you are challenged. Also, don’t think that because you were in the store once with your dog that it will work in the same manner every other time.

It all depends on who is working in the store. The manager may have even changed, and the new one has a different approach. 

That is why we do recommend you check every single time. Alternatively, get in touch with Lowes’s general customer service department and ask for confirmation from them.

At least with that, you can then refer the store to their own customer service department should there be some sort of problem.

service dog

Service Dogs

So we can quickly mention service dogs because they are completely different to you taking Fido in when they are just your pet.

There are no issues whatsoever about anybody taking a service dog into Lowes. Why would there be? However, you should still make sure your dog is registered as a service dog.

Also, ensure they have a vest or harness on that identifies them as a service dog. Any type of service dog is allowed, and there are more out there than most people realize.

It’s not just service dogs for the blind or deaf that apply. Emotional support dogs and medical assistance dogs are also included, and all are welcome at Lowes without any problems.

Training Dogs are Welcome

Dogs that are in training to become service dogs are also welcome at Lowes. The company understands that they need to encounter a wide range of situations and locations as part of their training.

Also, they have already got to the point where they do not really react to any situation by the time they get to this stage.

Once again, they should be clearly identified when it comes to being a dog in training. This will involve wearing a vest or harness that lets people know they are in training.

It not only helps staff in the store to be aware of what is happening but also other customers. They will then know to leave the dog alone to get on with its job.

Overall Conclusion

So if you feel like you want to take your dog into Lowes, then you are completely free to do so. No store across the country will have any sort of problem with you walking in with your dog.

All they ask is that your dog is well-behaved and that it’s on a leash. Apart from that, you are free to wander around as long as you want.

Now, that’s not to say that Lowes stores are filled with dog walkers. However, at least you now know your position if you have to go in for something unexpected and your dog is in the car with you.

However, if you are worried, then do get in touch with Lowes yourself to seek confirmation that everything will be fine. It will stop you from stressing.

Also, you don’t then have to deal with a member of staff who does not have the same understanding of what is and isn’t allowed.

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