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Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

IKEA is one of the most stores for popular home accessories and furniture with many establishments around the world. Here we’re answering the question “Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA?

You might have seen some people on different occasions visiting the store with their dogs and wondered how that is possible. If you are a dog owner and plan to visit a local IKEA store with your pet, you will have to be aware of their pet regulations. Keep reading to learn more.

Is IKEA Dog Friendly?

IKEA is not considered a very dog-friendly store. According to their pet policy, only service pets are permitted on their property.

The store aims at providing its esteemed customers with a safe and pleasant time within their environment, which is the reason behind the restrictive pet policy of the store. 

The management of IKEA usually takes into consideration that some of their customers may be allergic to dogs.

The paws or fur of a regularly bathed dog may also contain various substances that may cause sickness or allergic reactions by coming into contact with them.

In addition, the store has set a pet policy because some of the clients, especially kids, could be afraid of dogs. No business or store would want its customers to be scared when visiting. 

Reasons Why IKEA Does Not Allow Dogs In Their Stores

Dogs have become very popular across the world and especially in the US. Many people are now keeping dogs as pets and tend to go with them from one shopping store to another.

But why should IKEA not allow your dog into their store under normal circumstances? Here are a few reasons why they do not allow it.

dog shopping - Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?


One of the main reasons why IKEA does not allow dogs into their stores is because of the allergies that may come because of dogs.

The store aims to keep its customers safe from suffering any allergic reactions to dogs. Some individuals can greatly suffer even from a slight presence of a canine even when the dog is well bathed.


Many people tend to be phobic when in the presence of dogs, regardless of the reasoning. This may be a result of past toxic experiences or conditions.

Young children may also be inherently scared of different dogs. Therefore, IKEA aims to do away with this from being a big issue inside their stores. 


Most shopping stores such as IKEA and Costco tend to avoid lawsuits. Even though the pet does not belong to them, if they allow dogs to come inside their stores, they are more likely going to be held liable for their policy in case the dog injures a shopper or even an employee.

Since it is a worldwide company, legalities may vary from one county to another or, in the United States, from one state to another. Their policies are meant to offer them protection from location to location.

Does IKEA Allow Service Animals?

IKEA allows its customers to take service animals to their stores. Service animals are those that have been trained to perform tasks or to do work for a person with a disability. The tasks performed by service animals must be directly related to the disability of their owner. 

Are All Service Animals Allowed In IKEA?

Generally, all service dogs and other service animals are permitted into IKEA stores. However, you will have to remember that some regulations will apply when taking your dog to their stores.

For instance, owners and their service pets may be required to leave if the animal is not on a leash and is disruptive.

In addition, according to the ADA, employees are within their rights to ask if your dog is, in fact, a service animal.

They are also allowed to ask what tasks or functions the animal has been trained to perform. However, any other questioning outside the two lines of inquiry is not allowed. This includes requests to see the proof of disability.

Does IKEA Allow Emotional Support Animals?

As mentioned earlier, IKEA does not allow emotional support animals. Under the ADA, these animals are not classed as service animals.

This is because emotional support animals are trained to provide therapeutic benefits to people with Psychiatric or mental disabilities. 

Emotional support animals do not carry out practical tasks like service animals. Therefore, emotional support animals are not permitted to accompany their owners into IKEA stores. 

dog in a shopping cart - Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

Can You Leave Your Dog Outside IKEA

While you are not allowed to take your dog with you inside the IKEA store, it does not mean that they can not come with you to the store and wait outside.

Most IKEA stores in various states have installed dog parking spots outside their front doors. They are normally small patches of astroturf with several poles that you can tie the dog’s leash to. 

The dogs at the dog parking spots are usually sheltered from the rain and the sun. They may also have kennels and water bowls, depending on where they are located. you can contact the customer support staff at IKEA to find out if your local IKEA store offers dog parking. 

Is IKEA Pet Policy Different By Location?

Have you been asking yourself whether the IKEA pet policy varies from one location to another? The answer is yes. The policies shift from strictly against pets or dogs to being slightly looser in their policy, depending on your country or state. Here is how the policies differ between countries.

Overall IKEA Dog Policy in the United States

From Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA, one standard policy applies when it comes to taking your dog to IKEA. It states that only certified service dogs are allowed to accompany shoppers through IKEA stores. Other dogs that do not meet the qualification of a service dog will be removed from the store or asked to leave. 

IKEA Dog Policies in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, IKEA has slightly loosened up its grip as it relates to “only service dog” policies. Unlike in the United States, where the policies are more strict, shoppers in the United Kingdom IKEA stores are allowed to bring in small dogs to accompany them when shopping. The dogs should be typically small enough to be carried in a purse or bag or to remain in a cart.

Australia and Canada IKEA Dog Policy

IKEA Australia and IKEA Canada enforce the same dog policy as IKEA US. They do not allow into their stores unless they are service dogs. 

IKEA Germany Dog Policy

Like most other IKEA stores in different countries, IKEA Germany does not allow dogs too. However, since 2015, they have set aside special park areas for dogs. Compared to the IKEA pet policy in the United States, the IKEA Germany pet policy can be considered more dog friendly and beneficial for the owners. 

IKEA Switzerland Dog Policy

Switzerland is considered the most dog-friendly country when it comes to the IKEA pet policy. Stores within Switzerland have sections that allow a dog to accompany its owner in-store. The locations that do not permit dog in-store access have kennels put in place to leave the pet safely waiting for the owner while he shops. 

Why Can Dogs Be Allowed in IKEA?

Generally, trained pets are usually disciplined and obedient. Several pet owners have taken their time to teach their canine friends how to relate with others and behave in public. This is done to ensure that there is order and no chaos when a dog is inside the store or warehouse. Therefore, keeping your dog on a leash can be enough. It can serve as a requirement for allowing a dog’s presence and entrance into the store. 

Another vital detail to incorporate is to set a schedule. The timing can be a few hours when the store is less active. With this timing, dog owners can freely go shopping with their pets with them. 

Dog Discrimination

a family watchdog - Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

Some advocates of fair animal treatment disagree with IKEA on their policies. They have claimed that it is a form of discrimination against pets and their owners. 

Dog Parking at IKEA

Most IKEA stores offer dog parking as a brilliant alternative. Again, this can be targeted easily and claimed as negative. It can be argued not to be appropriate as parking is primarily developed to keep big cars which are non-living things and different from canines.

This works well for most people as they will not have to leave their canine friends at home while going to shop. Instead, they can bring them to shopping stores and keep them safe and happy in the Dog Parking section. One of the limitations is that the section has to be monitored by an authorized person. Lack of such a person can lead to unattended dogs constantly fighting one another. 


IKEA does not allow emotional support dogs into their stores. However, shoppers can visit the stores with service dogs to help them shop. IKEA dog policy varies from one location to another. Therefore, you should be aware of the rules and regulations of the store you are visiting before taking your dog with you.

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