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Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

So, we are going to look at addressing a very simple question right here. The question is whether or not dogs are allowed in Home Depot?

Now, we understand that your initial reaction is probably going to be that they are most certainly not allowed. But is that the case?

The Answer

The answer is not as straightforward as you may expect. However, that’s fine, as we are here to clear things up a bit for you. 

It does appear to be the case that dogs are indeed allowed inside Home Depot. But that’s where some confusion can come into play.

You see, it’s not apparently company policy even though it’s something that does happen, and that is a problem.

The problem is that it’s more of an unwritten rule that dogs are allowed to enter any Home Depot in the country.

However, don’t be surprised if a manager in your local store decides that they are against it. Also, they could try to stop you.

The difficulty is that any manager who does that will have the actual power of the company behind them. If they did mention you were not allowed in the store with your dog, then it’s best to take their advice and leave.

dog outside store

According to the National Canine Research Association of America

But it’s not just us plucking this out of absolutely nowhere and telling you to go ahead and take your dog into Home Depot.

Instead, it’s actually mentioned by the National Canine Research Association of America. So, it does have some backing to it.

However, we must stress once more that this is not something that is set in stone. In actual fact, the complete opposite is set in stone. This is even though it is not something that is always actively enforced.

But Don’t They Mean Service Dogs?

At the outset, you probably came to the conclusion that only service dogs would be allowed. After all, that is the norm across the country.

Well, that is the part that appears in the company policy, but even with that it can become quite difficult to know what falls under the auspices of a ‘service dog’,

You see, we all know about dogs helping the blind or those who are deaf. However, that’s not all. Instead, there are emotional support dogs, and they also play such an important role in helping individuals to get out and about and live more normal lives.

It turns out that, in a strict sense, those emotional support dogs are not included in the official policy. Instead, it’s only service dogs in the main sense that have no problems whatsoever in being allowed into Home Depot.

What Happens if it’s Just a Floor Worker?

Let’s say you are in Home Depot with your dog, and someone working on the floor approaches you and says you are not allowed, then what should you do?

Some would argue that the best thing is to just leave without causing a fuss, but that’s not the only option available. Instead, you can ask to speak to a manager to determine if they are more of the opinion that being in Home Depot with your dog is not really that big a deal.

Keep in mind that a floor worker may be unaware of the more lax approach to this entire dog issue. They may have just automatically assumed that it only referred to service dogs.

Of course, they are actually correct, but as we are saying time and time again, it’s not always a policy that is enforced on an individual store level. 

So, if you feel like doing it, then ask to speak to someone higher up in the store regarding that individual store policy.

You may discover that the manager thinks differently, and you are able to walk around the store enjoying your time there with your dog by your side.

So, Why are All Dogs Apparently Allowed?

It seems to be the case that store managers are relatively lax when it comes to enforcing this law. It is widely reported that all dogs have been allowed into pretty much every single Home Depot, but we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that everything would be plain sailing for you.

But here is what we suggest you do. 

Your best course of action, if you plan on going to Home Depot and taking your dog with you, is to call ahead and find out what your local store has to say about it.

You will often find that they are absolutely fine with the idea of you walking around the store with your dog. They will simply ask that you keep them on their leash, and if they need a muzzle, then to make sure they have it on.

It seems that most Home Depot stores are more concerned about sales and other rules and regulations rather than enforcing something to do with dogs.

After all, it’s not as if they have dogs walking through fresh produce or anything like that. It’s Home Depot, so there’s less to worry about when it comes to products being damaged or anything along those lines.

dogs in carts

Things to Remember

As you can see, this issue is covered in a cloak of uncertainty even though the rules themselves are there in black and white. That does mean it can be quite anxiety-provoking to look at entering Home Depot with your dog.

So, this is what we recommend you do in order to make this entire process a lot easier.

Understand If Your Dog is Likely to Act Up

As this is often down to the discretion of the manager, it’s best to know in advance if your dog is likely to act up and make a noise if you do indeed enter Home Depot with them.

If they are the type of dog that makes a noise, then this may not be the best idea. Even stores where the manager allows it will be forced into taking action.

However, this is if a dog is causing a nuisance and making a lot of noise. At that point, it would be no surprise if you were asked to leave. Honestly, it’s easy to understand why that would be the case.

So, have a good understanding of what your dog will be like inside the store. I will help you decide if you should go in with them to any store, and not just Home Depot.

It Can Depend On Who is On Duty

Another thing to remember is that it may depend on who is on duty at the time. Just because you were able to go into Home Depot with your dog once before does not mean the same rules apply each and every time.

Actually, a different on-duty manager may have a different take on the rules. That means you could try to get into Home Depot and be asked to leave.

This is all because the person in charge at that time follows the rules of the absolute letter.

So, we would recommend checking in advance each and every time. It just prevents you from having to deal with a potentially difficult situation.

It Can Depend On Other Customers

This is perhaps the saddest part of all. However, your apparent success at being able to quietly walk around Home Depot with your dog beside you can depend on other customers.

Most people won’t even think anything of it, but you can always run into people that have a problem.

You see, some customers may be aware that only service dogs are allowed in the store. They will also see that your dog is not one of those service dogs. So, don’t be surprised if they complain.

However, that doesn’t all mean it’s bad news. If the manager is on your side, and they love dogs, then any customer complaints will go unanswered. But it’s still best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Overall Conclusion

So, what we can conclude from all of this is that the rules state only service dogs are allowed in Home Depot. However, each individual store has its own thoughts on other dogs being allowed through their doors.

As we said earlier, we cannot state with absolute certainty what will happen at your local store. So, we recommend checking in with them before going.

But then, there is the thought of why you would want to go into Home Depot with your dog in tow anyway? It’s not the first thing that springs to mind. But that’s unless you are caught out and need to go in all of a sudden.

Just be prepared for a manager to decide to enforce the company policy. At that, they may ask you to leave with your dog. But in all honesty, that is probably going to be something that doesn’t really happen.

You should be left alone to browse through everything Home Depot has to offer without being challenged by staff. Also, there’s a good chance you won’t be the only dog owner in there at the time as well.

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