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Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Looking to make that short trip to Hobby Lobby for some project supplies? Then, you’re probably wondering, are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Yes, they are!

For most of us, shopping at major retail chains is an inevitable part of our lives. And as pet parents, there’s nothing we love more than running them errands with our dogs.

Many stores have a pet policy that doesn’t favor dogs. Not to speak of favoring pets in general.

Pup in box - Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?

Not Hobby Lobby, though! They’re extremely pet-friendly.

So, if you’re thinking of huddling over to your local Hobby Lobby store to sift through a couple of home supplies, you can definitely take Fido along! Even if he’s not a service animal!

What’s Hobby Lobby’s Pet Policy?

Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a nationwide pet policy. And you won’t find any official statement regarding the same on their website.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take Fido along with you when you go shopping there.

Contrarily, Hobby Lobby is very welcoming of dogs and pets in general. And no, it’s not just limited to service animals!

But, how do we know this? First, customers have reported how welcoming their local stores have been to their pets.

More importantly, employees have, in the past, revealed the accommodating nature of the retail chain to pets.

Said one employee in Brookfield, Wisconsin, “Customers are allowed to bring in dogs and service dogs are allowed under ADA.”

But There’s A Catch…

Because Hobby Lobby has no official pet policy, how liberal a particular store is with pets will depend on the discretion of the individual store manager.

Staff members may also have a say in whether or not you could bring in your dog.

Make no mistake about it. Hobby Lobby will generally welcome you and Fido with open arms.

But, there isn’t any pet policy binding this craft store chain to do so. Thus, not all store locations will necessarily be welcoming of pets or dogs for that matter.

Some branches may limit entry to just small/lap dogs, in addition to service dogs. Others, too, may only allow entry to service dogs. It’s really down to management.

To avoid any inconveniences or disappointments, you might want to call ahead before making the trip. That way, you get to know the exact attitude of the store towards pets.

Generally, though, you should expect to have no problems with taking Fido to Hobby Lobby.

Why Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs Into Their Premises?

It isn’t exactly clear why Hobby Lobby takes a liberal approach when it comes to pets.

Many establishments restrict access by dogs to their premises. And for good reason. 

Many of such establishments deal in food and beverages. And to keep the environment sanitary, they choose to keep their premises out of bounds to dogs and other animals.

Hobby Lobby, though, isn’t a food establishment. 

Being home to dozens of high-quality art merchandise, floral supplies, fashionable furnishings, and many more, it makes sense that you’re gonna spend a  chunk of your time combing through products. 

It’s fun but, you know, a lot less fun without Fido beaming by your side and cheering you on.

Shopping with Fido promises to make your experience a lot more exciting than it would otherwise have been. And we think it’s why Hobby Lobby generally gives their thumbs-up to you bringing in your pet.

Moreover, Hobby Lobby doesn’t deal with food. So, there aren’t any food or health codes to comply with. And this means that there’s a very low risk that germs/bacteria will be spread.

Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby? Do They Have Rules I Need To Follow?

For the most part, Hobby Lobby doesn’t require you to follow any specific rules when you’re with Fido.

But, with great freedom comes great responsibility!

You just want to make sure to tread cautiously. So that under no circumstances would you be asked to leave the premises with your dog. Following these personal rules might do you and Fido a whole world of good.

Keep Fido On A Leash At All Times

Dogs are lovely creatures. But, they can be a handful at times. You want to make sure that your dog is on his best behavior throughout your time shopping.

One of the best ways to ensure this is by restricting his movement with the leash. The last thing you want happening is your dog lunging at or in the worst-case scenario, biting another customer.

You’ll end up getting a bad rap. And you might even get banned from the store!

Generally, you want to make sure you can control your dog in all circumstances. Keeping him on a leash or carrying him in a trolley or crate are great ways of doing that.

Feed Fido Beforehand

If Fido is well-fed, he’s less likely to misbehave when you’re with him in public.

A hungry dog is an angry dog. Well, not literally anyway. But, I’m sure you get the point. You want a dog by your side that’s less distracted and less reactionary.

It helps to also take treats along with you. That’s likely to keep Fido a lot more grounded.

Allow Fido A Potty Break Before Heading Out

You don’t know how much time you’re gonna spend shopping. But, chances are that it’s going to take a while.

If therefore, Fido hasn’t been housebroken, it can lead to embarrassing scenes for you.

Peeing or pooping while you’re shopping is a definite NO! If he hasn’t been potty-trained, then you want to give him time to ease himself before heading out.

But…..Always Go Prepared

You can’t know for sure whether or not your dog’s going to make a mess at the store. Accidents can always happen.

So go with wipes and dog poop bags. That way, it makes it easy to clean after Fido.

Are Service Animals Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Like we’ve said before, Hobby Lobby is a pet-friendly organization. So, they’re open to receiving pets.

If various kinds of pets are allowed in Hobby Lobby, then service animals can be too!

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), these are animals trained to assist persons with disabilities to perform certain tasks.

ADA regulations also make it mandatory for all establishments to allow service animals into their premises.

As we’ve mentioned, pet policies may not necessarily be the same with every Hobby Lobby store. And some stores may make exceptions to the kind of animals that can be allowed access.

So, you may find that while some stores will take delight in allowing entry to all pets, some may restrict access to just service animals!

What about emotional support Animals?

Emotional support animals provide some form of therapeutic benefits to their owners. These animals dogs mostly provide relief to owners with depression, anxiety, or some other form of psychological issues through companionship.

You should expect to get access to Hobby Lobby with your emotional support animal. It is unlikely that the store will turn you away considering its pet-friendly nature.

But, again, it’s up to management to decide whether or not to restrict access to you and your dog. However, we have no reason to believe that they will.

What Are Customers Saying?

Customers who shop at Hobby Lobby generally have only positive things to say about bringing your dog over.

Says Christophe Treutel, “My dog usually comes with me on my weekend errand runs and for some reason, I thought to look up if you can bring dogs into Hobby Lobby – and you can!” The only problem he had was that the shopping carts were not big enough for his chunky Beagle.

Annette Reichert says you can expect zero problems when you bring your dog to Hobby Lobby.

Pug in shopping basket in Hobby Lobby

Seamus Murphy adds that within the U.S. the general answer to the question, “Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby” is “Yes, you can come in with your dog.

Brook Wuckert acknowledges that “…Hobby Lobby is regarded as a dog-friendly place and a good chain store to take your leashed dog shopping.”

Final Thoughts

So, are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? You bet they are! This national art-and-craft store will generally welcome Fido and all pets with love.

But, this is what you should remember. Hobby Lobby has no official policy on dogs. So, some stores may have stricter policies than others.

You can never be too sure if your local store may have a stricter-than-usual policy.

It makes sense, therefore, to inquire in advance if they’ll be accommodative of animals.

But, if the experiences of customers are anything to go by, you should experience no problems with Fido at Hobby Lobby. Happy shopping!

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