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Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

As a pet owner, you could be wondering whether or not dogs are allowed in CVS stores. CVS has you covered for all your dog or pet-related needs.

You can find grooming supplies, food, treats, dental kits, and medical prescriptions. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about CVS dog policies. Keep reading to learn more.

Is CVS Dog-Friendly?

CVS is considered a pet-friendly store by many of its retailers. Although it does not have an official dog policy, it is considered very lenient for allowing dog handlers to bring their canine friends into the store.

Many customers have reported that the store will allow you inside alongside your dog as long as the dog is well-behaved and friendly to others.

Your dog must also be on a leash while inside the store. CVS allows both emotional support animals and service animals.

However, the above may vary from one store to another. Some CVS locations will only allow you to bring your dog inside the store if it is a service animal. These locations do not allow emotional support animals. 

are dogs allowed in CVS

CVS Official Dog Policy

CVS does not have a company-wide policy that governs whether or not the store allows dogs inside. However, in locations where dogs are allowed, all breeds of dogs are generally welcomed. Besides, local rules and regulations may also play a major role in whether dogs are allowed inside the store. 

However, all CVS stores allow service animals at their locations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Act obligates all business owners in the United States of America to welcome service animals inside their store with their owners.

Therefore, if your dog is a service animal, you do not have to worry if you want to shop at CVS with it.

How To Know If Your Local CVS Allows Dogs

As mentioned earlier, CVS does not have an official dog policy. This means that the rules and regulations regarding whether dogs are allowed inside the store will vary from one store location to another.

Therefore, it is upon you to confirm with your local store if dogs are allowed. Fortunately, most stores will allow you to enter with your canine friend, although it must always be on a leash.

The best way to find out if dogs are allowed into your local CVS store is to ask their staff or to contact their customer support team through a phone call before visiting. 

Do All CVS Locations Allow Service Animals?

Under the ADA, all CVS stores are compelled to permit service animals inside. You will be required to keep your service dog on a leash all the time while inside the store.

What You Need To Know Before Bringing Your Service Dog to CVS

Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

If you plan to bring your service dog with you inside a CVS store, it is important to be aware of your rights as provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADC).

If the status of your pet as a service animal is not entirely obvious, the CVS staff is likely to ask you the following questions:

  • Is your dog a service animal needed because of a disability
  • What work or task has your dog been trained to perform

However, the staff should not ask about the nature of your disability. In addition, they are restricted from demanding any form of documentation or demonstration to prove that your dog is a service animal.

How The ADA Applies To Emotional Support Dogs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all business owners to allow disabled individuals who use service dogs into their facilities alongside their pets. This is also known as the Service Animal Rule.

The ADA does not protect emotional support animals. However, there are a few states laws in the United States of America that specifically mention emotional support dogs.

It is important to understand that these laws are state-based and will vary from one state to another. The laws may also not apply in Federal areas such as national parks.

Besides, there is no Federal requirement to follow these laws even when they apply. The bottom line is that CVS stores can decide to allow emotional support animals inside their stores.

They may have policies that ban them, or they may not have them. There is no way for one (including employees at the store) to know if a pet is a service animal or an emotional support animal unless the owner tells you. 

Tips For A Pet Owner When Going To CVS With A Dog

Pet owners will always enjoy opportunities to bring their canine friends shopping with them in any store. However, not all CVS will allow service dogs into their facilities.

Therefore, following some simple tips will help make it easier for CVS stores to continue accommodating pet owners of their canine friends. Here are a few tips for you if you are going to CVS with your dog.

Feed Your Dog Before Going To The Store

Before you go out to shop with your dog, ensure that you have given it enough food. Well-fed pets are more likely going to behave well.

Hungry dogs may be aggressive and even scramble for food inside the store. Dogs with full stomachs will be less food-obsessed.

You can come with treats if possible. When dogs stay focused, they will less likely get distracted and act out.

If your dog is fed well, it will likely not raid food products on the shelves in the store. You will not want your dog to ingest anything that could be potentially harmful.

The staff at CVS will also appreciate it if your dog does not mess with the food on shelves. If it does, they might ask you to leave their facilities with your pet.

Make Sure That Your Dog Relieves Itself Before Entering The Store

No one will want to come across a dog’s poop while inside the store. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your furry friend relieves himself before entering the store.

Besides, you should always be a good neighbor by cleaning up any poop. If your pet has already gone to the bathroom, it will less likely have an accident. The CVS workers will appreciate it. 

You will have to keep a close eye on your dog and ensure that it does not poop anywhere in the store. If you notice the dog sniffing somewhere excessively, watch carefully.

This could be an indication that another dog may have used that area, thus making your pet think that it is a good place to go. If your dog has an accident, inform the store staff as soon as possible.

Use A Carrier or Crate When Appropriate

modern dog crate - Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

If you are planning to go shopping at CVS with your dog, make sure that you have a carrier or crate. You will easily keep your furry friend in a crate and any other type of carrier.

Some good examples of carriers that you can use include backpacks and dog strollers. These carriers are good alternatives to leashes if your dog is small.

You should consider using a carrier instead of your small dog walking on a leash if it gets anxious. Using a carrier will also help to prevent bad encounters with other dogs inside the store. Besides, you can easily control your canine friend if it is a crate or any other carrier. 

Reduce Stress As Much As Possible

Just make sure that you stay low-key and calm as much as possible. You should not panic over everything.

Once you have confirmed the dog policies at the store, there is nothing to worry about, and you can walk freely with your pet inside the store as long as you observe the rules and regulations.

Remember that if you get stressed, your pet will be stressed too. Whenever your furry friend shows any signs of stress around other pets, you will have to make sure that any contact with the other dog is avoided. Just give the other dogs, and their handlers appropriate space. 

Make Sure That Your Dog Is Leashed All the Time

Having a leash will help you to be in control of your dog all the time. One of the advantages of leashing your dog is teaching proper boundaries.

A dog that has not been leashed may at times abandon the owner inside the store. You can also control your leashed dog more easily whenever another dog approaches. Consider a head halter or harness if your pet pulls a lot.

What Animals Are Recognized As Service Animals CVS?

In 2011, a dog was the only animal recognized as a service animal. However, the laws have changed recently to allow miniature horses to be trained to perform various tasks for people with disability. 


CVS is considered dog-friendly because most of its dogs allow dogs inside. This may vary from one store location to another. You should always confirm with your local store the CVS pet policy before visiting with your dog. 

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