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Are Dogs Allowed In Cabela’s?

Are Dogs Allowed In Cabela’s?

Pet owners will always think about bringing their dog along with them as they go about shopping. So are dogs allowed in Cabela’s?

Cabela’s is a popular retail chain store where you can buy outdoor activity accessories such as fishing and camping, with over 169 stores scattered across the United States and a dozen in Canada. 

Is Cabela’s Dog-friendly?

Quite a good number of people ask this refrain question about the dog-friendliness of Cabela’s every month.

Another good number is ignorant of the dog and general pet policy this big outdoor accessory one-stop-shop. Most of the time, people hesitate to ask the store they intend to visit whether they allow dogs inside.

Yes, Cabela’s dog policy is excellent. It is currently treated as one of the best chain shops in terms of dog-friendly policies. It allows customers to shop with their dog pets within their walls.

are dogs allowed in Cabela's

There is no indiscriminate behavior on a particular dog breed either. However, this policy depends on the policies of the state or country in which that particular Cabela branch is located.

Other policies are in place for stores or states that allow dog pets into their stores. For example, you may be required to keep your four-legged friend on a short leash on your visit. Some wouldn’t want your puppy running around the store. 

In some stores, the general store policy of some branches does not allow dog pets into their stores if they feel the situation calls for it.

Local managers at Cabela’s stores enjoy the unique right to slightly or wholly alter the shop policies. This was especially witnessed during emergencies, for example, the covid 19 pandemic.


Some restrictions could be temporary, others could be long-term, but they are affected primarily for the safety of the dog and customers.

In this case, Cabela’s ensures the convenience of dog owners who visit their retail stores by availing a number of outdoor and indoor kennels at the parking lot where dogs can be left as owners go on to make their purchases.

These kennels can be used at no charge. A refundable $5.00 deposit fee as a padlock for the use of the outdoor kennel is furnished by Cabela’s, while no deposit fee is required to use the indoor kennel.

It should be understood these parking lots and entrance kennels and policies govern their existence. Use may vary depending on local jurisdiction and state laws.

Kennels are also an option for customers who may not want to come into the busy store with their pet.

Some Cabela’s stores like the one in Oregon charge a $5.00 fee for keeping your pet at the kennel as you shop, according to an online review from a customer who visited it.

However, a particular type of dog, called the service dog, is exempted from this prohibition. Service dogs are specifically trained to assist their owners in properly performing certain duties that they wouldn’t normally perform due to disability.

Upon purchase of a service dog, the owner is issued a certificate. This removes the chance of people falsely guessing their pet dogs as service dogs. This certificate is requested at store entries to give a pass to service dog

Dog-friendly States

a dog in a leash - are dogs allowed in Cabela's

We will take a look at some states that are also friends of your four-legged friend.


Allows dogs into retail stores, provided they aren’t affected by FDA standards. You can bring your dog pet along for the walk. Don’t forget some stores prohibit dog entries into their stores regardless of state policy. 


Oregon was voted the most dog-friendly state in the United States. It, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise that Oregon Cabela’s is dog-friendly.


However, they insist on you having a short leash on your dog. Thus, keeping it under your control at all times.


Wisconsin Cabela’s prohibits dogs in food and beverage areas, but they are generally dog-friendly, and they make sure you are aware when you visit their website.


Indiana has policies friendly to dog pets, and consequently, Cabela’s over there allows customers to walk in with their pets.

West Virginia

Cabela’s here had kennels to house your dog, but now you are allowed to enter the sore with your dog pet. Dogs are, however, not allowed into restaurants.


This was one of the first states to allow dogs into stores. At Cabela’s Ohio, you can quickly get a kennel there, or even better still, you can carry your dog in the shopping crate and easily shop with your dog.


Like in Ohio, you can also carry your dog in a shopping trolley and go on shopping inside. There is an option of a kennel for a small fee.

Non-dog-friendly States

brown dog - are dogs allowed in Cabela's

Here are some of the states that are not dog-friendly.


Only service dogs are allowed inside the store, but outdoor kennels are available to customers to have their dogs taken care of as they do their shopping inside.

This Cabela’s dog policy is a consequence of Colorado state policy concerning dog pets.


Similar to Colorado, Cabela’s in Edmonton allows service dogs only.


Customers who have shopped in Cabela’s Canada give mixed reviews concerning their dog policies.

Some say the retail store allows dogs inside, while others say they allow only service dogs. It is therefore advisable to call the local store and inquire they allow all dog breeds.


Dogs are not allowed into the store, but kennels are provided at a refundable $5.00 for the key. Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Customer Experience At Cabela’s

Customers are always eager to know about shopping stores if they allow customers to shop with their pet dogs, the specific rules and exceptions.

Many customers enjoy shopping with their dogs to expose them to the outside world and help them socialize with other puppies.

Workers at Cabela’s are trained to behave friendly with all dogs irrespective of their breeds.

However, some customers have raised concerns about dogs being allowed in Cabela’s, including service dogs.

Some have raised public health concerns at Cabela’s outlets that have cafeteria restaurants where food is prepared in online complaint forums.

Others have had less than ideal shopping experiences at Cabela’s due to their existing allergies to pet dander. Some are just afraid of dogs.

Therefore, knowing store policies before shopping can help your shopping experience decide if you should shop online or do it in person.

Tips on Having a Good Shopping Experience at Cabela’s With Your Dog.

For pet lovers, it is always an excellent idea to take a walk with your dog pet to the store for shopping. It is good to show them to the world and have them socialize with other nice pets.

However, before doing this, take your time and make a phone call to the store to inquire if they will let you do your shopping with your dog.

This can save you a great deal of time if you have to return your dog home before coming again alone to make your purchase.

Besides time, it is an embarrassing ordeal being turned away by employees of the store and management for bringing your dog along, against store policy.

Even some dog-friendly stores like Cabela’s can make unfriendly policies to dogs if they deem it fit.

Say a good number of loyal customers are allergic to pets, and they raise this complaint to the management at the store.

What happens next? 

Another vital thing to do when taking your dog out to the store is to make sure your dog ticks the ‘well behaved’ box.

You will not have to be extra careful and watchful while in the store. You wouldn’t want to pay for something you didn’t plan to just because your puppy tore some snack and rewarded itself with a mouthful part of it?

Take your dog out ahead of time to avoid any accidents and to help it be comfortable around other pets. At the store, in case the dog creates a mess, inform a member of Cabela’s for it to be cleaned up.

Leash your puppy with a short leash because this ensures that it will be under your control at all times during your time out.

Lastly, abide by the rules of the state you live in and the store policies of the Cabela’s store you want to visit regarding dog pets.

You and your pet will all enjoy the experience, as the environment is friendly to dogs. Just remember to keep it on a leash as you go about picking what you need. You will be dreaming of that experience again.


If you have been asking yourself whether Cabela’s is friendly to your dog, there you have the answer. The store is among the most dog-friendly stores to shop at. However, they have dog policies that you must adhere to.

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