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Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

Here, we are going to check in and see Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops or not? So, what’s the answer?

At this moment, we are going to address yet another question regarding where you can, and cannot take your dog.

We would like to remind you that the approach to allowing dogs into stores does change from company to company. Also, things are not always as clearly understood as you would like to think.

Well, before we get into that. Understand that the picture is not always as clear-cut as we would like. This is certainly the case when it comes to this company. The difference is that things are often out of their hands.

The Answer

Dogs are indeed allowed into Bass Pro Shops, and that is excellent news to hear. However, we need to stress that while they do view themselves as being pet-friendly. Not every store is going to be in the same boat.

This is due to local laws rather than anything that is set out by the company. In general, it seems that they have quite a clear approach to allowing dogs to come inside. So as a dog owner, you will certainly have a warm welcome.

Actually, as you will learn, later on, this company does sometimes offer something a bit special to dog owners in some of their stores. It’s something different from the norm, and yet dog owners love it.

Their Policy

So their policy is pretty clear. They do love to see dog owners coming into their store with their dog beside them. However, this doesn’t apply to service dogs, so nobody needs to worry about it.

But as they say themselves, local laws can influence which stores can legally allow people to come inside with their dogs. This is something out of their hands, and it’s clear they would love all dogs to come into their stores no matter where they live.

Generally, though, they have an open-door policy for dogs. They only ask for several small favors on your part when it comes to how they behave.

Ultimately, they want you to feel you can relax in their store with your dog beside you, and they certainly try their utmost to create that type of atmosphere.

However, it’s just sad that places exist where they need to stop you from entering with your dog.

dog shopping - Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

What it Means For You

What this means for you as a dog owner is you need to perhaps contact your local store to see what the local laws say regarding your dog. The manager will quickly inform you of the policy in your area.

If they state that local laws allow it, then your dog is welcome at any time. They will have no problem with you browsing with your dog in tow.

However, keep in mind that those areas where they are not allowed is not something that the company themselves can control. It is not what they would want.

This is a company that is willing to open its doors to dogs and their owners. The fact they cannot always do this is clearly frustrating to them.

They even mention that their hands are tied in different areas, and it’s obvious to anyone that they would reverse this policy if they could.

Service Dogs are Always Exempt

service dog in store - Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

No matter where you live, service dogs will always be exempt from being refused entry to a store. However, if you live in an area where only service dogs are allowed, then it will often come with different rules and stipulations attached to it.

For this, they may need to wear a vest or jacket stating their role as service dogs. That is pretty much it, and stores need to ensure that only service dogs do indeed come through their doors.

If you reside in this type of area, then prepare for staff to ask questions about your dog, unless it is very clear as to what they do.

This, yet again, is not something they want to do, but it does mean they follow the local laws and rules.

If you do have a service dog, and will already understand the laws and rules, then nothing here will surprise you. They will follow the same thing as you experience anywhere else. 

Their Approach to Dogs

So flipping back to those areas where dogs can enter their stores. What we see is that the company only has a few simple rules.

It goes without saying that your dog needs to have a leash. Also, only well-behaved dogs can enter. If you know your dog has anxiety or lack of socialization skills. Then please do not take them into the store.

If a dog is disruptive, such as making too much noise. Or anything along those lines, then you may find yourself in a position where there’s a need to leave.

The staff has to take into consideration how it affects the other customers in the store. This is certainly viewed as a last resort.

Also, if your dog is one that needs muzzled, then make sure they wear it before they enter. Once again, this just stops a whole lot of problems from potentially occurring at some point.

dog sitting in store - Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

Going That Extra Step

But this is an interesting point in that Bass Pro Shop does often go that extra step when it comes to welcoming you and your dog to one of their stores. 

What they will do is actually allow you to use one of the kennels in their store and effectively leave your dog there while you shop. This is pretty cool, and a number of dog owners have used this with their dog-loving it.

This is not just something that is a rumor either. It appears on a section of their website, so it is an actual official policy, and that’s rare. Usually, companies miss out on sections on their approach to dogs, but Bass Pro Shops are very clear on all of this.

However, if you would like to use this, then you need to find out in advance if they offer it at your local store. That’s because it’s not something that is available at every store, and you don’t want to put yourself in a difficult position.

All it takes is a quick call to ask if they offer their indoor or outdoor kennels for this very purpose. Also, it does let them know you are coming, and it means everything will go more smoothly with the kennel being ready for your visit.

As we said, this is not something that is commonplace, and the fact they have gone to this length is amazing. It just shows how pet-friendly this company is compared to so many others out there.

Anything Else to Know?

Perhaps the most important thing to know in advance is to have some concept of how your dog reacts in these sorts of situations. You need your dog to have good socialization skills, and that should mean your visit to Bass Pro Shops will go smoothly.

They do love dogs, but they are not too happy when a dog is causing trouble. If you worry that your dog would struggle in this environment, then please spend time training them in advance before you think about taking them here.

This is not something the company states in their policy, but it’s more of a common courtesy thing to both the store and other individuals.

Also, make sure your dog is less likely to go to the toilet when in the store. You will often have to clean up if this happens, but it’s not going to result in a ban from the store. They know things like this happen, but as long as you clean up after your dog, then there’s not an issue.

All of that aside, your visit to one of their stores should go off without a hitch. 

Overall Conclusion

Bass Pro Shops will welcome both you and your dog into their stores, and they have absolutely no problem with this. However, do understand that local laws may stop this from happening, even though they would love to have you.

What that means is you should contact your local store to see what the status quo is for your area. If the laws allow it, then you can run along whenever you want, and they will love to see you. However, make sure your dog has their leash and does not cause problems.

Aside from that, they have no other stipulations for you to follow when it comes to your dog. As long as they do not cause an issue, then you are free to browse for as long as you want, and they are happy for you to be there.

So, if you have one of their stores near to you, then contact them just to double-check, and then take your dog inside for the experience. Remember and ask about the kennel as it could change how they experience shopping with their owner. 

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