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Apricot Goldendoodle Puppy Breeders In The USA

Apricot Goldendoodle Puppy Breeders In The USA

Here we will take you through the best Apricot Goldendoodle puppy breeders that will offer you a healthy and quality pet. Keep reading to learn more.

So, If you plan to add an Apricot Goldendoodle to your family, you have come to the right place.

Apricot Goldendoodles are adorable dogs with the combined temperamental qualities of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

They are friendly, affectionate, and energetic dogs. These beautiful dogs are also intelligent and can be a perfect addition to any family.

Many breeders and dog rescues in the USA specializing in apricot Goldendoodles. However, not all breeders are the same.

Finding a good breeder or a dog rescue may not be a walk in the park. Not all breeders will offer you the healthy and quality dog you desire.

 Apricot Goldendoodle Breeders

Hermeier Doodles

First on our list of Apricot Goldendoodle puppy breeders in the USA is “Hermeier Doodles.” This reputable breeder is located in Iowa and has been in the business for several years.

They understand that each of their customers is looking for a different type of puppy in terms of size, breed, and color.

They breed different Goldendoodle coat colors, including apricot Goldendoodles.

Hermeier Doodles is dedicated to ensuring that each of its customers goes home happy by offering them the healthy and quality puppies they desire.

They always take time to know their customers and understand what they want in a pet.

They prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs. All of their Apricot Goldendoodle puppies for sale undergo vet checkups.

They are also trained and socialized with humans and other pets to ensure they adapt well to their new homes. 

This is the right place to visit if you are a first-time dog owner. Before you purchase a Goldendoodle, they will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about the breed.

They will help prepare you and make you feel confident about taking on dog ownership.

They have an active website to check their recent and upcoming activities, including their breeding programs.

To adopt an Apricot Goldendoodle, you must visit their website and fill out an application form. 

Hermeier Doodles Details

High Mesa Doodles

Apricot Goldendoodle Breeders

High Mesa Doodles is a family-owned breeder located in Montrose, Colorado.

Since 2008, they have been breeding Mini Goldendoodles with a wide variety of coat colors, such as apricot, cream, black, and chocolate. They also breed Mini Bernedoodles.

In addition to breeding, they offer stud and dam services. All dogs at their facility are trained from eight weeks old.

They are potty-trained and taught the basic commands. Therefore, you can be sure of purchasing a well-trained dog at their facility.

The organization takes pride in breeding dogs with hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs.

All parent dogs at their facility are screened for genetic defects to ensure only the best quality and healthy puppies are born.

Only dogs without genetic defects history are allowed into their breeding program. 

The organization also offers puppy training through its Master Turnkey Puppy program. If you want your furry friends to be crate-trained and house-trained, you can enroll them in this program. 

So, if you want an Apricot Goldendoodle, you can visit their website to fill out an application form.

They are loving and passionate about their puppies and will ensure they only go to friendly and loving families. They will also be happy to welcome you to their facility.

You can contact them by phone or email, asking questions about their puppies and breeding program.

High Mesa Doodles Details

Coastland Goldendoodles

Coastland Goldendoodles is a California-based breeder in the business for several years.

Over the years, the organization has won a reputation for breeding high-quality Goldendoodle puppies of different coat colors, such as red and apricot.

The business is owned and operated by a family that loves everything to do with Goldendoodles.

Their puppies come from pedigreed dog lines and are health-tested before they are put up on sale.

All breeding dogs are tested through Paw Print Genetics and OFA screening to ensure they produce healthy litters.

All puppies at Coastland Goldendoodles are raised in a family environment where they are offered lots of love and attention. They are also trained and socialized with other pets.

So, if you are looking for a breeder that will offer you a well-socialized apricot Goldendoodle, look no further than Coastland Goldendoodles!

also, if you are interested in one of their puppies, you will be required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to be placed on their waiting list.

The deposit is usually charged upfront. The total cost of an Apricot Goldendoodle puppy at the facility is about $3200.

All puppies for sale at Coastland Goldendoodles come with a two-year genetic health guarantee. They also have up-to-date vaccines, health records, and a few dog accessories to get you started.

Since they love their puppies and want them to go to loving and friendly families, they offer a strict no-breeders policy. 

Coastland Goldendoodles Details

Deans Creek Doodles

Deans Creek Doodles is a reputable Goldendoodle breeder located in New York. The organization takes no chances on how it raises and trains its puppies.

Since they are situated on a dead-end street, their puppies have a perfect environment to grow and learn. 

Generally, they breed a wide variety of Goldendoodle coat colors, including apricot. Their puppies are shown the necessary love, care, and attention they require.

All breeding dogs are health-checked by a professional vet. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a healthy and quality puppy free from hereditary health issues.

All apricot Goldendoodle puppies for sale at Deans Creek Doodles live in a typical home. Therefore, you will not find it difficult to integrate them into your family upon purchase.

They are also socialized with kids and other pets on the farm. In addition, they are taught basic commands, crate-trained, and house-trained before they are allowed to leave for their new homes.

So, if you are looking for a puppy that has been coat-tested to assure you of its shedding possibilities, then you need to visit this reputable breeder in New York.

Their puppies are also exposed to various sounds and novel items early.

Therefore, to purchase an Apricot Goldendoodle puppy, you can visit their website to fill out an application form.

So, if your application is approved, they will put you on their waitlist. All puppies are vaccinated and microchipped before they are allowed to leave for their new homes.

Once you purchase a puppy at Deans Creek Doodles, you will be provided with all the necessary information about your new friend, including vaccination records.

They will also be in touch with you to ensure everything is smooth and you successfully raise your pet.

Deans Creak Doodles Details

  • Location/Address: Oneida County, New York
  • Website: Deans Creek Doodles
  • Phone Number: (315) 351-6936

Vandenbark Doodles

Apricot Goldendoodle Breeders

Vandenbark Doodles breeds Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles in Colorado. The organization is an all-around breeder whose main focus is on the temperament and health of the puppies.

They have been in the business for several years and have a fair amount of knowledge in the field.

The breeder is a top priority for strict pet parents who do not compromise on the health of their pets. All breeding dogs undergo vigorous health tests that include joints, eyes, cardiac, and DNA panel tests. 

Their puppies are raised in a home environment where they can play and socialize with kids, adults, and other pets.

Therefore, you can be sure of getting a well-socialized Apricot Goldendoodle puppy that will fit well into your family. Their puppies are also trained and taught basic commands.

Vandenbark Doodles is legally permitted to operate in Colorado. They have several puppies waiting to meet and interact with you.

You can visit their website to see a list of the available Apricot Goldendoodle puppies looking for permanent homes. 

All Goldendoodle puppies for sale at Vandenbark Doodles come with a two-year health guarantee and lifetime support. They also come microchipped and on up-to-date vaccines.


Apricot Goldendoodles are beautiful, happy, friendly, intelligent dogs that make great family pets.

So, if you plan to add one to your family, you can consider one of the breeders on our list above. These reputable breeders will offer you a healthy and quality puppy that will fit well into your family.

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