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8 Signs Why You Should Take Your Dog To The Vet

8 Signs Why You Should Take Your Dog To The Vet

Our Doodles are our worlds. They are a part of the family, and we treat them as such. And a large amount of caring for our pets is keeping them healthy. We want them to be fit as a fiddle for all of our daily activities. However, illness does happen, and we have to be quick to respond. Here are 8 signs why you should take your dog to the vet.

#1 Change In Eating Habits

One sign it’s time to take your Doodle to the vet includes changes in their eating habits. These changes could be eating too much or not enough. In both cases, it can be causes of concern, and here’s why.

A Doodle that eats too much could have several things wrong with him. Firstly, eating more than recommended could cause rapid weight gain and bad joints. But if your Doodle eats a lot without seeming to gain weight, there could be an underlying issue.

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The most common health problem related to overeating is worms. If you suspect your dog has worms, you should have their stools inspected by a vet for a proper diagnosis. And always remember to give your dogs a heartworm preventative every month.

However, parasites aren’t the only reason your dog could have an eating problem. There are some hormonal issues and thyroid disorders that cause dietary changes. And these disorders can range from overeating to barely eating at all. So if your dog has a diet change suddenly, talk with your vet about blood tests and other symptoms for an answer.

#2 Drinking A Lot Or Too Little

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Monitoring your dog’s water isn’t something that most people think to do. But we suggest that you ditch the automatic waterers and start paying close attention. Purchase a programable food dispenser. Dogs drink about one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. And if you have an automatic waterer, it can be hard to tell if your Doodle is getting enough water.

If you notice that your dog is drinking more or less, there may be cause for concern. Drinking too much water could be a sign of heat exhaustion, diabetes, or urinary tract infections. And if your dog is on the opposite side of this spectrum, they could be suffering from kidney disease. All of these are sure signs when to take your Doodle dog to the vet.

#3 Difficult Or Rapid Breathing

Dogs pant to cool themselves off in the hot summer months. They will also pant after exercise, playtime, or when they are stressed. But how do you know when to take your Doodle dog to the vet?

If your dog hasn’t had physical activity for 20 minutes and is still panting, there might be a breathing problem. When you notice heavy breathing, take a good listen to the lungs and how it sounds. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this. Simply place your ear against the ribs. If you hear clicking noises or raspy sounds, it’s time to call a vet.

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You don’t want heavy breathing to go on too long without treatment. Many things could be wrong with your Doodle, and all of them need an early diagnosis for success. The main concern would be an upper respiratory infection or heartworms. Both of these would come with secondary symptoms. But there are other reasons for heavy breathing like heart disease and lung cancer.

#4 Vomiting Or Changes In Stool

Next on our 8 signs why you should take your dog to the vet is vomiting and foul stools. If your dog is vomiting, he likely ate something bad. If it’s one time in 24 hours, your Doodle should be fine. But if your dog vomits more than once in 24 hours or several days in a row, a vet visit is in order.

Vomiting accompanied by diarrhea is also another sign of concern. This could be a sign that your dog ate something poisonous or swallowed something they can’t pass. And it could be considered an emergency if the vomit or stools have discoloration or blood. You would be surprised how many dogs undergo emergency surgery for toy removal every year with these same symptoms. But they are good as new afterward.

However, vomiting and loose stools aren’t always signs of your Doodle eating something they shouldn’t. It could be viral infections, gastrointestinal disease, or even late stages of cancer in some cases. And with all of these problems, a vet’s immediate attention is needed.

#5 Lack Of Energy Or Lethargy

Doodles are world-famous for their optimistic attitudes and love of people. And it’s never a good sign when they don’t greet you with a spark. Any sudden drop in energy should mean a trip to the vet right away. While on the way, you should also think about other symptoms your Doodle might have.

Lethargy accompanied by lack of appetite is the most common symptom. But unfortunately, most illnesses have a lack of energy as one of the main symptoms. So anything could be wrong with your Doodle, and that’s why we think it’s a sure sign that your dog needs medical attention.

#6 Poor Balance Or Difficulty With Regular Movement

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Doodles with floppy ears are very prone to ear infections. Some might scratch, develop a smell in the ear, or head shaking. But in severe cases, the inner ear is so infected that it can cause poor balance.

You might notice that your puppy is stumbling, walking funny, or having trouble holding up its head. If you see these types of behaviors, you will want to make an appointment ASAP. With antibiotics and ear drops, your Doodle will fine in no time. But if they go on too long, they could permanently damage their inner ears and chronic balance issues.

You can also do everything you can to prevent ear infections in the future. By cleaning the ears often and drying them thoroughly after getting wet, you are one step closer to healthy ears.

#7 Irritated, Weeping, Or Red Eyes

One area where most owners gloss over is the health of their Doodle’s eyes. People say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. But did you also know that they are good indicators of your dog’s health? If your dog has a lot of discharge, for instance, it could be a sign that they are suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

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Red and draining eyes could also be an indicator that your dog is suffering from allergies. Seasonal allergies are common among Doodles, and they can even be allergic to the dust in your house. If you suspect allergies are a problem, talk with your vet about a medication to relieve their suffering.

And finally, your dog could have red and watery eyes if they have scratched their corneas. This might seem like a small problem, but it’s always worth getting a look by the vet. Scratches in the eye can get infected easily if you aren’t careful. So your vet might prescribe an eye drop to speed the healing along.

#8 Rashes Or Skin And Hair Changes

And now we come to the last of the 8 signs why you should take your dog to the vet. Doodles are known for their luxurious coats. And if they aren’t feeling well, their hair won’t look and feel as wonderful. That’s because the hair takes a lot of nutrients and energy to grow so beautifully.

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Doodles might be famous for their soft coats, but they are also well-known for having skin problems. Things like sebaceous adenitis, skin allergies, and dandruff are all very common. All of these are not serious issues, but they do need to be addressed all the same.

However, if you see that your Doodle’s coat suddenly loses its luster, there might be more going on. You might want to take your dog to the vet to rule out kidney disease, fungal infections on the skin, or hormonal problems.

How Often Should Your Doodle See The Vet?

Even the healthiest of Doodles still needs to have regular vet visits. Most vets recommend getting semi-annual checkups. During these visits, your veterinarian will check that your dog has a normal and healthy growth. They will also do a quick blood test and maybe a fecal test to make sure all checks out.

Doing these checks will detect any problems before they get out of control. And we all know that a disease caught in the earliest stages has a greater chance of treatment. We even recommend yearly teeth cleanings to prevent gum disease. These tooth-to-tail exams will keep your Doodle feeling and looking fantastic.

But That’s Not All

These 8 signs why you should take your dog to the vet aren’t the only ones. There are emergency situations where prompt intervention is always needed. Things like broken bones, deep cuts, and inability to stand are all emergencies requiring a vet’s attention. But we hope that with this list, you will notice the not-so-obvious signs. And your Doodle will stay around longer and healthier than ever.

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8 Signs Why You Should Take Your Dog to the Vet

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