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6 Helpful Hemp Oils For Doodle Dogs

6 Helpful Hemp Oils For Doodle Dogs

Doodles are a great breed to own. They are loving, kind, and bring joy to the home. But every breed can have its downfalls. For the Doodle, it is high anxiety, bad joints, and skin problems. But according to new research, there can be a new organic solution to these issues. That’s right, hemp oil. But what is hemp oil? Is hemp oil good for dogs? Let’s start our crash course on all things hemp. And in the end, we will recommend our 6 Helpful hemp oils for Doodle dogs. 

What Is Hemp Oil? 

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of a hemp plant. This oil is full of fatty acids such as omega-3 and 6, gamma-linolenic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants. The cold-press process preserves all the qualities of hemp oil. Cold-pressing is the only way not to damage or degrade any elements found in oils. 

Hemp oil is often confused with CBD oil. Hemp seeds do not contain any CBD, but you can get hemp oil infused with CBD. So unless CBD is mixed in your hemp oil, you will not receive lab results. 

How Is Hemp Oil Given?

The beauty of hemp oil is that it can be given orally or topically. For internal ailments, you will want ingestible hemp oil. Many companies make these oils flavored for dogs. So you won’t have to worry about hiding the flavor and trying to be sneaky. You can also get topical hemp oil that can be conditioned and pain-relieving. It is fast-absorbing and gentle enough for daily use. In our next section, we will talk about how to give hemp oil in each situation. 

Hemp Oil For Dogs Benefits

If it doesn’t contain CBD, how is hemp oil good for dogs? Can there be any benefits to this lesser-known oil? While hemp oil does not contain CBD, it does contain several nutrients that are great for multiple reasons. Here are a few now. 

Boosts Immune System

Since hemp oil dogs are high in antioxidants and vitamins A, B, D, and E, it is a fantastic immunity booster. For Doodles that are sick or tend to get sick often, hemp oil is a must. These vitamins are known to give your dog the extra boost they need to get their blood pumping and immunities up. For this hemp oil benefit, you will want to find a rich oil fortified with other immune-boosting oils.

Joint Health

When your Doodle has joint dysplasia, it can be unnerving the pain they seem to be in every day. Luckily ingesting hemp oil gives your dog the fantastic anti-inflammatory properties of fatty acids. And if your dog is having a particularly bad day, you can also buy lotions and oils to rub on their joints. Hemp oil for dogs with arthritis has shown amazing improvements in labs. 

Dry Skin

Hemp oil dogs have amazing results in improved skin conditions. We all know how delicate a Doodle’s skin can be. And once the skin starts developing rashes, it affects the fur as well. Dogs with dermatitis issues see improvements because of the fatty acids in hemp oil. The best hemp oil for dogs will have lots of omega fatty acids and vitamin E, specifically for this purpose. Many people might see application topically as the best way to see the benefit. But giving your Doodle oral hemp oil could help heal from the inside out. 

Heart Health

Amino acids are imperative for excellent heart health. So, it’s no surprise that hemp oil, which is high in amino acids, can help improve dogs’ heart conditions. Studies have found that with regular exercise and hemp oil, you can regulate blood pressure, and bring down cholesterol. You will want this oil to be given orally for the best results. 

Pain Management

For dogs that have painful medical ailments, hemp oil can have incredible uses. Hemp oil for dogs is a known anti-inflammatory. It can be a great holistic approach to traditional medicines for chronic pain or even temporary. You might want to keep in on hand in case your dog gets sick or has an accident. But always consult your vet before replacing any current medications. And depending on the type of pain your dog has, this can be given orally or topically. 


Hemp oil for dogs with cancer might be a medical breakthrough for how we treat it. Hemp seed oil might slow the growth and reproduction of cancer. And in some patients with tumors, they have shrunk after taking hemp oil dogs cancer. While more studies still need to be done, getting your Doodle better faster is the goal. Healing your dog of cancer will have to happen from the inside so that you will want a delicious tasting oral method. 

GI Balance

Doodles are known for their sensitive guts. Hemp oil dogs have seen improvement with GI tracts and reduced nausea while taken orally. No matter if your dog has painful gas, diarrhea, food sensitivities, or ate something bad. Hemp oil has an anti-inflammatory action to calm a sour stomach. It also has the best antioxidants to promote good gut health and bacterial growth. 

Weight Loss

A Doodle that is overweight can have difficulty losing a few pounds. Lucky for you, hemp oil has the power to keep your dog fuller, longer. But it doesn’t stop at just suppressing hunger. It also has the properties needed to boost metabolism and burn fat. This might just be your holy grail to dog weight loss when given orally. 


And finally, hemp oil dogs are well-known for their anti-stress properties when in a mixed tincture. When it is mixed with features like CBD, it is unstoppable. Hemp oil has the antioxidants that your brain needs for maximum functioning. This can be a small stress reliever for some dogs alone, but with CBD, you will see the most benefits. 

What Makes A Good Hemp Oil?

So is hemp oil ok for dogs? With all the benefits of it, we don’t see why not. Under the guidance of your vet, your dog could get the organic medicine he needs to be the best pup ever. But how do you know the hemp oil is of high quality? Unfortunately, it does take a little research to figure out how pure hemp oil is. There are no federal guidelines for it, but there are a few things to look for on the label. Once you know what to look for, you can see why we have chosen our 6 Helpful hemp oil for Doodle dogs. 


The hemp seeds used to make your dog’s hemp oil should be 100% organic. Hemp is notorious for absorbing chemicals from the soil and water used to grow it. You don’t want these chemicals leaching into your dog’s hemp oil. 

Made In USA

Another critical aspect to look for is that the hemp was grown in the USA. Hemp oil produced in other countries carries impurities and is grown in harsh soil. Hemp seeds from out of the country are not guaranteed to be safe, and some pets have gotten sick. 


Hemp seed oil should only be produced through a cold-press process. Cold-pressing preserves the properties of the hemp. Lower end hemp oil dogs can be processed through chemicals which denature the vital amino acids. 

Glass Amber Container

Hemp oil degrades in sunlight quickly and can eat through plastic. For pure hemp oil to last, you want to find one in a dark glass container. 

6 Helpful Hemp Oils For Doodle Dogs

So now that you are the hemp oil expert, let’s talk about hemp oil for dogs on Amazon. There are some high-quality products for a great price. We have a list of the best ones. 

1. Kinpur Hemp Oil

Kinpur Hemp Oils for Doodle dogs is known for its calming formulas. Dogs love the flavor, and you love the price. Buying this oil in bulk can save you money as well. And let’s not forget that for every purchase, they donate 2% to an animal rescue. 

2. Buster’s Organic Hemp Oil

Another incredible oil that meets all of our expectations is Buster’s Organic Hemp Oil. This oil also comes in bulk purchases that your Doodle will love. And at the time this article was published, there is an option to subscribe and save. 

3. Billy Balance for Dogs

If your dog doesn’t like the organic hemp taste, they will love this beef flavor by Bill Balance. We can check all of our expectations off on our list with the Billy Balance brand. And your dog can be pleased with its juicy taste. 

4. FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats

Are you looking for a hemp-infused treat instead of oil? This one by FurroLandia is just for you. These treats are a favorite for many dogs, and it makes dosing easier. They have our seal of approval, and your dogs too. 

5. ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment uses the power of hemp seed oil alongside other soothing ingredients. This lotion can cure dry skin, hot spots, and any other skin ailments that Doodles suffer from. 

6. Owe Uself Hemp Oil For Dogs

And our final best hemp oil for Doodle dogs is by Owe Uself. This oil is unflavored and used orally or topically. Owe Uself gets an A+ for thinking of this multi-use strategy. 

Hemp Oils for Doodle Dogs Conclusion

Have we made you a hemp oil for dogs believers? Hemp oils for doodle dogs’ benefit undoubtedly outweigh any harmful side effects. But to err on the side of caution, never start a supplement without talking with your vet first. With your vet’s approval, you could be on the way to a happy, pain-free puppy again. 

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Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Doodle Board!!

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