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My Top Goldendoodle Breeders In Texas

My Top Goldendoodle Breeders In Texas

Choosing a breeder for your family pet is just as important as choosing the dog. But finding responsible breeders can be a daunting task. Doing research, finding out how they treat the animals, and figuring out their ethics. All this takes time, and you might start getting anxious to bring home a new puppy. But lucky for you, you have found this article on My top Goldendoodle breeders in Texas. We have scoured the internet and found the best breeders based on how they treat their dogs and breeding processes. Take a look below!

1. Safari Doodles

McKinney, TX

The first on our top Goldendoodle breeders in Texas list is Safari Doodles. There is so much to love about these breeders. Overall we believe that the breeders at Safari Doodles love and care about the parents and producing high-quality puppies. At Safari, they have had Golden Retrievers since 1986 and use their champion lines to create their fantastic Goldendoodle puppies. 

Each of the parent breeds has gone through extensive testing to make sure that they don’t pass on genetic abnormalities to their pups. Parental dogs get tested for hips, elbow, heart, and eye disease. These problems are the most prevalent in the Doodle breeds. Since all the breeding pairs are health cleared, it reduces the likelihood your puppy will inherit them.

On the Safari Doodles website, they even provide adorable pictures of their sires and dames with a description of their temperaments. And if you still aren’t sold, they have meet and greets twice a month. At these Doodle Romps, you can meet the parents and all current puppies before making a decision. 

All of the puppies at Safari Doodles are born inside the home. They get daily handling, socializing with other pets, and child interaction. These are all important to get the puppies acquainted with everyday life in a home. Puppies are also introduced to grooming, using doggy doors, and basic training before coming home. 

And when matching puppies to the best parents, from Goldendoodle breeders in Texas, use the Volhard temperament testing. This scale allows the breeder to see what homes would be best for the puppy. The test also happens to be the same test used for therapy and service dogs. So if you are looking for either of these, Safari Doodles has got you covered. For Goldendoodle puppies North Texas, this is your ideal breeder. 

2. Brushy Creek Doodles

Cameron, TX

For Goldendoodle puppies East Texas, you need Brushy Creek Doodles. Brushy Creek is also nicknamed “The Doodle Ranch” because it is a literal ranch. Your puppy will be acquainted with all kinds of and children. All of the puppies are born inside the home and never in kennels. All of the parents and puppies are apart of the family. When you see the pictures of the farm, you get the sense that these breeders know, love, and genuinely care for the wellbeing of their animals. 

The parents of the puppies are all treated with the best care. They eat a high-quality diet, and pregnant mothers are fed a homemade diet of fresh meats and produce grown on their farm. In addition to being fed better than any other dog, they are all DNA tested. All of this is to be sure that all puppies are just as healthy. You can be sure that all puppies from Brushy Creek are in good health, and their guarantee backs that up. Your puppy will come to you dewormed, vaccinated, and vet checked. 

We also love that Brushy Creek has a Facebook page to keep up to date on all current events and puppies. You can watch the pregnancies as they progress, and the growth of current litters. The Facebook page is also full of past customers with updated pictures and reviews. At Brushy Creek, you get a sense of community. 

3. Southern Doodlin

Atascosa, TX

Southern Doodlin is your best choice for Goldendoodle puppies South Texas. At Southern Doodlin, they know exactly what they are doing to breed the best dogs possible. The breeder has training in canine genetic defects, nutrition, and specialized breeding. They have made it their priority to better the Doodle breeds and give them a good reputation. 

All of the parents in this breeding program actually belong to a guardian home. That means that each dog has a family and home of their own. And a few times a year, they are placed to be matched for breeding. Each dog is only bred for a few years as not to overbreed the mothers and cause unnecessary strain. And when they are retired from breeding, they already have their perfect home. Guardian homes are great because they keep retired dogs from ending up in shelters. 

Your puppy will be born inside the home and have constant interaction. Your pup will come to you socialized with people, animals, and children from the day they are born. If you aren’t convinced, take a look at their Facebook page for cute videos and pictures of current puppies. You can see all of the fun that they have daily. 

And finally, though the primary breeder is in Atascosa, Texas, they have guardian homes everywhere. You can find guardian homes all over Texas and neighboring states. They even have a few guardians for Goldendoodle puppies East Texas. So if you are closer to a guardian home, you can get on their waiting list for puppies. 

4. Hill Country Goldendoodles

Austin, TX

Our last of the top Goldendoodle breeders in Texas is Hill Country Goldendoodles. This brother-sister duo specializes in F1 English Goldendoodles. They talk about how it was in their blood to become breeders from a young age because that’s what their parents did. Luke and Emily also make it very clear that all the dogs in their breeding program are apart of the family. With only four females, they are careful not to overbreed or take on more than they can handle. 

These Instagram model females are AKC registered and have genetic lines that have verification for four generations. And their single stud looks like an adorable ladies man that makes a wonderful father. You can check out more of what they are up to on Instagram! All of these parents go through extensive health screenings with their vet. They mostly look for hip clearance more than anything since it affects more Doodles than anything else. 

You can tell by the parent bios that they have exceptional temperaments. Having parents with fantastic temperaments are all passed down to the pups. If you see a mother with a personality that fits your lifestyle more, see if you can’t get on her waiting list. While it’s not a guarantee that your pup will act like their mother, it gives you excellent odds. 

Your puppy will come with a two-year guarantee that they are in the best health. All puppies have gone through deworming and vaccinations before they go home with you. Are you worried that you won’t click with your puppy? At Hill Country Goldendoodles, they schedule 30-minute to an hour visit before finalizing what puppy will go home with you. And if you live far away but think that Hill Country Goldendoodles is the best breeder for you, they do have an option to fly a puppy out to you.

Bonus Rescue: Poodle Rescue Of Houston

Houston, TX

If you are looking for Goldendoodle rescue dogs Texas, the Poodle Rescue Of Houston is here to help! While they mainly work with Poodles, they frequently take in Doodles of all kinds. We love this rescue because they take in all types of Poodles and mixes from all over the state. They work hard to get pets out of pounds, off the streets, and away from illegal puppy mills. Their mission is to get every dog a home. 

Something that sets the Poodle Rescue Of Houston apart from the rest is that they are truly a no-kill shelter. They provide the best vet care that the dogs need and ensure that they go to good homes. In their applications, they try to screen families to make sure that they are ready to care for all the unique needs of a Poodle. And on special occasions, they will make arrangements to have dogs shipped. 

Adoptions include shots, spay/neuter, microchipping, parasite testing, and groomed. And this rescue gives you full disclosure of all known medical conditions and temperament issues. They don’t always know the backgrounds of all the dogs that come to them. But they try to get as much information as they can so they can be sure that the new home is a good placement. And if the dog is not a good fit for your family, they will gladly take them back. 

Are You Ready For A Goldendoodle?

Using these Top Goldendoodle Breeders In Texas, you are on the path to the perfect puppy. No matter where you live in Texas, these breeders are more than happy to accommodate you. So what are you waiting for? Go get on a waiting list today!

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