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4 Top Bernedoodle Puppy Breeders in California – Location Guide

4 Top Bernedoodle Puppy Breeders in California – Location Guide

If you live in the Golden State and are interested in owning a Bernedoodle, then being aware of the top puppy breeders in California does make so much sense.

After all, who could blame you for wanting to become an owner of a Bernedoodle? This breed is exceptional when it comes to their temperament, and there is also the fact they are so cute as well.

However, we do not advise simply going out there and buying the first puppy you see. Instead, choosing the correct breeder takes time. Sadly, puppy farms are a real thing, and we need to ensure you avoid them at all costs.

So, this is what we will do. We won’t only provide you with information on the best Bernedoodle puppy breeders in California, but also advise you on how to select the right breeder for you.


Why a Bernedoodle?

But let’s start by looking at reasons why you should own a Bernedoodle, and we don’t mean just going on their looks. Of course, they are very cute in that department, but there’s so much more to them than their appearance.

The key here is their temperament. It is wonderful and this breed is exceptionally friendly to everyone they come across. They are also very loyal to their family, and they seek to please you whenever they can.

It’s actually tough to then not enjoy life thanks to a Bernedoodle. They always appear happy, and that is the sort of thing that rubs off onto you.

Also, they behave themselves no matter who they are around. That means children are safe, but understand that a young Bernedoodle can become slightly over-excited when it comes to playing. That does mean you need to train this out of them, but it won’t create too many problems.

This means they are a wonderful dog, but you still need to know where to go to purchase a Bernedoodle puppy, so that’s what we will look at next.

Woodcreek Ranch Bernedoodles

Located in Wildomar, this breeder has been involved with Bernedoodles for a number of years. They are not only highly experienced, but all their dogs are so thoroughly checked out that you will have no issues with them from a health perspective.

Their dogs also have a pure lineage, and they are very open to you following them on social media to see how they care for the puppies, and also how they develop. This is something we do recommend.

This breeder is popular, so you may be required to wait for one of their puppies. However, we suggest contacting them in advance to let them know you would love a Bernedoodle. They will then do what they can to accommodate you.

bernedoodle outdoors

Cedar Creek Bernedoodles

This breeder deals in both Bernedoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs, and they are viewed as a real specialist. Located in Paradise, they have been an active breeder since 2007, so they do have an extensive amount of experience. 

They spend an extraordinary amount of time making sure their puppies are very well socialized at all times, and they pass through extensive health checks prior to being made available. Also, they are a relatively large breeder but do offer a lot of care and time to the puppies in those first few weeks of their life.

They do tend to have a waiting list, so contact them as soon as you can to ensure you are not disappointed.

Julian Mountain Doodles

Julian Mountain Doodles is a Bernedoodle breeder located in the San Diego area. All dogs are bred in the home of the breeder, and that does make a difference with their socialization and the care given to them as they grow.

Also, they are bred on a large plot of land, so there is ample space for the puppies to run around and enjoy life. The breeder pays close attention to the overall health of the puppy, and they carry out extensive health checks before you can possibly take the dog home.

Keep in mind that this is a small breeder. They have real restrictions on how many puppies are available throughout the year. Contacting them in advance in order to complete the application process is advised.

Sierra Springs

Sierra Springs is a breeder that not only deals with Bernedoodles, but also Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. That does mean they have a lot of experience with this, and it does lead to a well-rounded dog.

This breeder goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to health checks. It does mean they are perhaps the healthiest puppies in the area, and it’s obvious they pay close attention to everything going on with them. Also, they spend a lot of time with socialization, so your puppy will have no problems in being around other dogs.

Ultimately, this breeder is excellent. They are relatively large, but they are also very popular. It may mean waiting to get your Bernedoodle, but at least you know you will have a wonderful dog to bring home.

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How to Choose a Breeder

Selecting your Bernedoodle breeder is not the easiest of things. You do have options when it comes to a breeder, but they are not as plentiful as other breeds. However, that does not mean you are stuck with only looking at one breeder.

That aside, these are the sorts of things you need to think about when selecting a breeder.

Look Into Their Background

The first thing is to really look at the background of the breeder in question. You want to know as much as possible about them and their links to the Bernedoodle.

Think about questions such as the length of time they have been a breeder for, and also what is their link to the breed? Also, did they previously have any involvement with any other breed?

In addition, it’s useful to know if they have any official affiliations. While this is not entirely necessary, it’s good to have some awareness of these links. It shows they work to certain standards, and it should offer more confidence in their puppies.

Overall, checking out the background of a breeder is more important than you may realize. Please don’t think about purchasing a puppy before doing all of this. It can make the difference between you encountering a puppy farm and managing to avoid them. 

Can You See the Puppies?

You must always seek to view the puppies prior to handing over any money. This is straightforward, and it’s something you should always look at doing.

This is easier if you live near the breeder since it should involve you going there in person to check them out. However, visiting in person is not always possible, and that is where you need the breeder to work with you to resolve things.

A good breeder should happily allow you to view your puppy via Zoom or other video means. They could also suggest sending you videos or images of your puppy, and this should also include the parents.

In addition, do ask any questions you like of the breeder and the puppy. A breeder will happily answer those questions, and don’t feel as if you cannot ask them. It just doesn’t work like that.

A good breeder works with you when it comes to viewing a puppy prior to purchasing them. If you come across any obstacles, then it should represent a red flag and tell you to go elsewhere. 

Their Health Guarantee

The last thing to discuss is the health of your brand new puppy. Never purchase one without getting a full explanation of their health and any issues that have been dealt with.

A strong breeder will provide you with ample information on the health of your puppy and the various tests that were carried out. This will include genetic testing, and it’s important you get those results. It shows your puppy has no genetic issues to be concerned of.

In addition, you want to have a health guarantee, but this comes with a warning. Some breeders give only a small window for you to have your puppy checked by your own vet. So, keep an eye on the small print.

Finally, ask any questions you like about the health of your new puppy. A breeder should answer with ease.

The main thing here is to do your research before buying your puppy. Only go ahead when you feel happy with the answers you have been given. Keep in mind there is more than one breeder out there, so never feel pushed into going with the first breeder you come across.

If you take time, then you will find yourself the perfect puppy for you and your family. Thankfully, you do have several breeders to choose from, and we recommend contacting as many as possible to see their availability. However, do your research on each breeder prior to doing anything else.

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