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16 Doodles That Make Good Watchdogs

16 Doodles That Make Good Watchdogs

Many people want watchdogs to protect their homes from intruders. Most intruders are less likely to break into your home with a dog on the premises, but having a bred protector helps. But most of these dogs shed a lot. Luckily for you, there are plenty of Doodles that make good watchdogs. Today, we will go over these Doodle dogs and what their temperament is like.

Before We Begin…

It is essential to clarify that none of these dogs are aggressive, and Doodles naturally want to protect their homes and loved ones. You might have to train what they perceive as a threat. But most of these dogs have the instinct to defend their homes at all costs. For these dogs, it comes from long lines of farm breeding that have it ingrained into their brains. These dogs are just as sweet and affectionate as the beloved Goldendoodle.

These dogs could protect you from intruders, rabid animals, or even other dogs on a walk. It is not unheard of that these dogs also protect their humans from other trusted humans in case of domestic violence. If that doesn’t scream loyalty, we don’t know what does.

If you do not want your dog to be aggressive, it is essential to socialize them. Getting your dog familiar outside of the home around strangers and pets is a great idea. They will be more open to greeting on unclaimed turf and make friends. Even if your Doodle is the most relaxed dog around, you would be surprised to see how serious they take their guard duties.

Pyredoodles (Great Pyrenees Mix)

The first of our protectors are the Pyredoodle. The Great Pyrenees is a natural guard dog that protects their homes, herd, and families. Your Pyredoodle will do just the same as their ancestors. As a pet, though, your Pyredoodle will be very loyal to their family and children. They are brilliant and can be an excellent guard dog with a little training. No one will want to mess with these giant dogs with booming voices.

Bernedoodle (Bernese Moutain Dog Mix)

Bernedoodles - Head to Tail Guide
Bernedoodles Guide

The Bernedoodle is known as a cuddly fluffy monster. But, did you know that they also make fantastic guard dogs? The Bernese Mountain Dog is another farm hand dog that is a natural protector. While these dogs are usually right at their owner’s side, they also let you know when something is wrong. You can hear their loud barks from everywhere. They are great at letting you know when something isn’t right.

Rottle AKA RottiePoo (Rottweiler Mix)

At one point in time, the Rottweiler was the go-to dog for anyone who wanted a watchdog. With training, your Rottle could have these same instincts. The Rottle is also a very loving dog. They are known to be sweet and caring. To the untrained eye, you would think that they are over-sized lap dogs. But, they are very protective of their owners and their homes.

Shepadoodle (German Shepard Mix)

The German Shepard is another breed that people associate with security. The Shepadoodle is a lot like their ancestors; they have impeccable focus and intelligence. They can be trained in just about any task. Police have even started to use these Doodles on their forces for police with allergy issues. The Shepadoodle isn’t all serious though, they are also very attentive and caring to their owners. They are playful and love to go on adventures.

Standard Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer Mix)

Another Doodle to consider is the Standard Schnoodle. The Giant Schnauzer was originally a guard dog. So it only makes sense that the Schnoodle has the same natural behaviors. While the Schnoodle does take more to train because they are stubborn, they also love to please their owners. They are very loyal and obedient dogs. Schnoodles can make an excellent security system for anyone who owns one.

Aki-Poo AKA Akidoodle (Akita Mix)

The Akita was used as a guard dog during WWII in Japan. After the war, they were brought to the US and used as police dogs and service dogs. They are known to be very devoted dogs, and they have passed these excellent qualities to the Aki-Poo. Aki-Poos are very loving to their owners and not at all aggressive. They do, however, protect their homes at all costs. They don’t bark much, so when they do, you know something is wrong.

Flandoodle (Bouvier des Flandres Mix)

The Flandres is another herding breed that has the instinct to protect and defend. The Flandoodle inherited a lot of these great qualities as protectors. While you wouldn’t think a dog with a funny name could do it, they are lovely watchdogs. The Flandoodle is more than a security feature, though. They are also passionate dogs that enjoy every moment with their families. Flandoodles are playful and make every home complete.

Huskypoo (Siberian Husky Mix)

Huskys are descendants of some of the noblest and loyal dogs on earth. People train them to protect their owners in the world’s harshest climates. And while most of us don’t live in extreme northern weather, the Huskypoo is just as loyal. The Huskypoo lets everyone know of any suspicious activity outside of the home. They are also great companions in addition to this. Their goofy natures and fondness of people make them great pets.

Mastipoo (Mastiff Mix)

Most Mastipoos are a mix of the Bullmastiff, but others are used as well. Mastiffs of all varieties are known as gentle giants. But, you wouldn’t want to cross their paths. When confronted, they can become very protective of their owners, and Mastipoo is no different. Your Mastipoo will love you to no end and will do anything for you. These Doodle dogs are sweet and very accepting of people. But, if it is someone they do not know, there can be trouble.

Saint berDoodle (Saint Bernard Mix)

The Saint Bernard is very similar to the Bernese Mountain dog mentioned above. Saint Bernards are affectionate dogs that are also exceptional watchdogs. The Saint Doodle is a great hypoallergenic option for those who love the Saint Bernard temperament. Your Saint BerDoodle will be playful and energetic as well as enjoy spending all their time with you. They are very attentive to situations, so that makes them a good judge of how to be protectors.

Boxerdoodle (Boxer Mix)

Boxers are brave souls who know no fear. Boxers are made to hunt large game like bears and wild boars. This strong dominance passed on to the Boxerdoodle. But, don’t be fooled into thinking Boxerdoodles are no fun. These dogs are silly and have a mind of their own. Boxerdoodles love their owners and are very obedient. They also make excellent watchdogs and should not be underestimated.

Yorkipoo (Yorkie Mix)

Now we are going to take a look at some of the smaller Doodles. These Doodles may not look like much, but they have a yap that is hard to ignore. Yorkipoos have a strong tendency to alert their owners about anything suspicious. While they are not likely to physically stop an intruder, it will make them think twice. Yorkipoos are also adorable and gentle dogs that love all people and children. They love following you around and exploring new things.

Pomapoo (Pomeranian Mix)

Pomeranians are known for their hesitation to strangers and barking a lot. The Pomapoo inherited this, which can help alert you if anything is going on. Pomapoos are very affectionate, unlike their Pomeranian side. They tend to be less independent and love their owners through and through. With socialization, these dogs can make great family pets.

Chipoo (Chihuahua Mix)

We all know that the Chihuahua is a feisty little guy that has a big attitude. Well, the Chipoo has some of this passed down to them. Chipoos are known for excessive barking and shyness to strangers. They might not only warn you of danger but also everything going on outside. But outside of that, these dogs are very loyal to their owner. They are a Velcro dog that needs company and attention all day.

Westiepoo (Westhighland Terrier Mix)

The Westiepoo gets a lot of its spunk and ambition from the Westie. They are no-nonsense and like to have order. If things are out of order, Westiepoos will let you know. Westiepoos are also known to be big barkers that might intimidate anyone from trying to enter your home. After all, some of the worst bites are from small dogs. But aside from this protective attitude, Westiepoos are also very loving. They adore their owners, even if they won’t show it.

There Are So Many More

With as many Doodle dogs as there are in the world, this list could go on and on. Having a dog with an instinct to protect is an excellent addition to any home. You never know what they could be protecting you from. These Doodles make the best friends anyone could ever ask for. They are willing to do just about anything for us. And that is why we love Doodles.

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