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15 Practical Facts About Miniature Goldendoodles

15 Practical Facts About Miniature Goldendoodles

Are you thinking about adding a Mini Goldendoodle to your family? These tiny Doodles are a joy to have in any home. They make your days brighter and complete the family. But what is it like having a Mini Goldendoodle? Let’s talk about 15 practical facts about Miniature Goldendoodles that every owner should know. 

1. Hypoallergenic

Doodles are famed for their hypoallergenic coats. The chances are that this is what drew you to the breed as well. But what does hypoallergenic even mean? In reality, it doesn’t mean that if you are severely allergic to dogs, you have a Doodle. 

But it does mean that if you have allergies, you don’t have to worry about hair tickling your nose and causing you to sneeze. Being hypoallergenic also has other benefits you wouldn’t think of. For instance, since Mini Goldendoodles shed less, you have less to clean up. And if you get an F1B Mini Goldendoodle, they have virtually no shedding at all. 

2. Size

If you are getting a mini, you probably want a smaller dog. But how big do Miniature Goldendoodles get? You can expect a Mini Goldendoodle full-grown to get 13-20 inches tall and only 15-35 pounds. Having a dog this small also comes with its benefits, which we will discuss later. 

How can you be confident that your Mini Goldendoodle will be this small? While there isn’t an exact formula to get smaller dogs, you can do a little guessing. Ask your breeder to see the parents in person. Your pup is most likely to be a size in between them. If you are curious, you could even ask to see other litters produced by these parents. 

3. Apartment Sized

For those owners who live in apartments, Miniature Goldendoodles are a perfect size. You don’t have to fear that your dog is too large and can’t get comfortable in your home. Mini Goldendoodles fit perfectly in small apartments without bumping into the furniture and taking up the whole space. But be prepared to take lots of walks since you won’t have a yard. 

4. Easy To Groom

Having a small dog doesn’t mean that you don’t have to groom as often. You will still have to brush daily and take your dog to the groomer every 6-8 weeks. But since your mini is so small, you won’t spend as much time grooming them every day. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes a day detangling, you can finish in 10-15 minutes. 

5. Cheaper To Care For

One of the most significant advantages of having a smaller dog is that they are cheaper to care for. Mini Goldendoodles don’t eat as much food as larger dogs. Smaller dogs also don’t need large necessities, so you spend less to keep them. Things like larger toys and beds cost more and need replacing often. And grooming at a professional groomer costs cheaper for smaller dogs. 

6. Traveling

Next on our 15 practical facts about Miniature Goldendoodles is that they travel easy. Securing your mini into the car is easier than larger animals. Small crates can easily fit on the backseat of the vehicle, or you can get harnesses. And if you have other human companions, going on long trips with a small dog is more comfortable for everyone. So if your family loves to take road trips, the Mini Goldendoodle is perfect for you. 

7. Live Longer

There is no debate that smaller dogs live longer. A standard sized Goldendoodle can live a long life of 10-13 years. But Mini Goldendoodles can live 15 years or longer. It’s not uncommon to see a Mini Goldendoodle live as long as 18 years with proper care, diet, and breeding. And who doesn’t want their best friend to stay around for longer times? 

8. Moderate Energy Levels

Some people think that smaller dogs don’t have as much energy. But this is just nonsense. A Mini Goldendoodle still has moderate energy levels and will need several walks a day. They also play as much as a standard and love to play high energy games with you. 

If you want a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle, a Mini is perfect. Your mini Goldendoodle will love to hike, swim, run, and be outdoors with you. The mini isn’t just a lap dog, though they love to cuddle at the end of the day. 

9. Different Hair Types

Mini Goldendoodles can come with three different coat types. The two most common types are wavy and curly, though sometimes you can get straight as well. Wavy and curly coat types are considered the most hypoallergenic

They shed less and produce less dander. And as mentioned before, the F1B Mini Goldendoodle is the most hypoallergenic. That is because your F1B is 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. The F1B generation has curlier fur that resembles a Poodle’s. 

The less common hair type is straight coats. These coats look and feel more like the Golden Retriever and do shed a little. If you don’t mind shedding, a straight coat is an excellent option for you. 

10. Great For Therapy Dogs

Goldendoodles were created to be the ultimate service dog. They are smart, love to please, and hypoallergenic. The same can be true for Miniature Goldendoodles. You can train minis to help you do simple tasks around the house or alert you of blood sugar and seizures. Some people even get them as a non-registered therapy dog because they are incredible comfort for depression. And because they are so small, they can be better options for people who need these services but no space. 

11. How They Are Bred

One of the 15 practical facts about Miniature Goldendoodles you should know is about breeding. The mini is a mix using a Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever. But you can’t just mix these in any way you want. 

The breeder should always choose a healthy Mini Poodle to be the father, and Golden Retriever to be the mother. It has to be this type of pairing because a Mini Poodle female can’t carry the Golden Retriever male’s puppies. The breeding community always prefers larger mothers to carry the litters. 

Also, did you know that Mini Goldendoodles are almost always artificially inseminated? Artificial insemination is one of the reasons that minis are so much more expensive than standards. It is the only way to be sure that the female becomes pregnant in a safe manner. 

12. Great For Kids

Another thing everyone should know about Mini Goldendoodles is that they are perfect for small kids. Standard Goldendoodles love kids and show lots of affection. But larger dogs can sometimes knockdown or scare smaller children. 

If you get a mini version, it is a much better match. Minis love all of their family and kids. Your kids and Mini Goldendoodle will be the best of friends. And if your mini gets too excited, they are less likely to knock over a toddler. 

13. Colors Available

The term Goldendoodle might make you think of only cream or golden colored puppies. The Goldendoodle can come in so many other colors. Your mini could come in a variety of creams to dark reds. And also even grey, copper, or black. 

There are so many color variations that it can be hard to choose only one. You can thank these color variants to the Poodle side. Since Poodles come in every color imaginable, they can also pass on their coloring to their Doodle offspring. 

14. The Best Temperament

Of course, everyone loves the Goldendoodle because of their mild temperaments. Mini Goldendoodle’s temperament is loving and loyal to a fault. They see their owners as perfect angels that can do no wrong and deserve the world. 

You will notice that this temperament also makes them easy to train since minis want to please their owners so much. Once they see that they have made you happy by doing the trick, they will do it repeatedly. The Mini Goldendoodle size doesn’t change their demeanor in the least, despite what you might have heard. 

15. Costs And Rescues

And finally, you should know the average costs of a well-bred Mini Goldendoodle. A reputable breeder will charge anywhere from $1,500-$3,500 for a puppy. But this high cost should come with some things. Your puppy should come to you, dewormed, vaccinated, and health checked. 

Reputable breeders will also give you the parents’ DNA health tests to prove that your puppies have good genetics. Along with these records, you will also have a guarantee on your puppy that they are in perfect health and free of any life-threatening conditions. 

If you prefer to adopt and not shop, there are Mini Goldendoodle rescues to choose from. Checking your local city shelters is a great place to start. If they don’t have any Doodles at the moment, you can also check with local Poodle and Doodle rescues. You can potentially give a dog a forever home for less than $200 and spend many years happy with them. 

Did You Learn Anything New?

There is a ton of information about Goldendoodles on the internet. But we hope that these 15 practical facts about Miniature Goldendoodles have helped you. With this information, you can decide if the mini is the right Goldendoodle for you. 

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15 Practical Facts About Miniature Goldendoodles

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