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What is the Largest Doodle Dog Poodle Breed Mixes?

What is the Largest Doodle Dog Poodle Breed Mixes?

You might be wondering if there are any large doodle dogs suitable for your home.

Large breeds are cuddly, charismatic, and the biggest goofs you’ve ever met.

And if you have space and time for them, they can be the greatest joy you’ve ever had.

So let’s take a look at 11 largest Doodle dog Poodle breed mixes. You are sure to find the perfect match for you. 

What Is Considered A Large Breed? 

The AKC defines a large breed as any dog that weighs at least 50 pounds and stands over 24 inches tall.

We know that the AKC doesn’t recognize designer dogs like Doodle breeds, but the same standards apply.

So in this list of several largest Doodle dog Poodle breed mixes, we use the same standards as a purebred dog.

We have listed these Doodles by weight from the largest to the smallest. And they all meet the over 50-pound criteria. 

1. Saint Berdoodle 

The first giant breed on our list is Saint Bernard and Poodle mixes.

These intelligent dogs grow up to be 110-150 pounds and stand 24-30 inches tall. So if your dream is to own the biggest Doodle dog, this one is for you. 

But other than sheer size, these dogs are the perfect companion.

They love to be at your side all day, every day. And don’t put it past these mammoths to sit in your lap. Your St. Berdoodle will be great family dogs. 

2. Irish Wolfadoodle

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breed in the world.

So it only makes sense that people have Doodled it. The Irish Wolfadoodle is one of the largest Doodle Dog breed mixes.

They stand 24-30 inches tall and can weigh as much as 120 pounds.

But don’t be fooled by their giant looks. These dogs are sweet and gentle-natured. 

You can expect your Wolfadoodle to be kind and sweet towards everyone.

They are also very thoughtful dogs that seem to anticipate all of your family’s needs.

They are gentle giants and cautious for young children, but with adults, they can be playful. Not to mention they are incredible at picking up on your emotions and act accordingly. 

3. Mastidoodle

One of the several largest Doodle dog Poodle breed mixes that won’t surprise you is a Mastidoodle.

These dogs are half Mastiff and half Poodle, making the perfect combination of intelligence and protection. You will love how even-tempered and calm these dogs are. 

At 90-120 pounds and 25-36 inches tall, the Mastidoodle is perfect for families with a lot of time.

Like most Doodles, the Mastidoodle needs a lot of attention and training to keep them entertained.

If left alone, you might find that your Mastidoodle will get into things he shouldn’t or become destructive. 

4. Newfypoo

A Newfypoo is the hybrid of a Newfoundland and a Poodle.

These large Doodle dogs can weigh anywhere between 70-110 pounds and stand 22-30 inches tall.

But other than being a large Doodle, the Newfypoo has so many other great qualities. 

We love that the Newfypoo is a docile breed that loves to cuddle and stay at your side.

They are also arguably one of the most loyal Doodle dogs on the planet.

Newfypoos are great for kids and perceptive of all their family’s emotions.

Some even call them the perfect Velcro dogs. 

5. Pyredoodle

Next on our list of biggest Doodle dogs is the Pyredoodle.

These furry monsters are half Great Pyrenees and half Poodle.

The Pyredoodle is famous for its energetic demeanor and loyalty to its owners.

When you bring a Pyredoodle home, there will never be a dull moment.

These dogs run and play all day, but they love to cuddle at the end of it. 

And what makes these dogs even better is that they are giant teddy bears.

There is a lot to love at 85-100 pounds and 15-32 inches tall.

So if your dream is to own a large breed, the Pyredoodle might be just for you. 

6. Great Dandoodle

Are you looking for a large breed that fits like a puzzle in your household? You can’t get any better than a dog breed that starts with the word “great.”

The Great Dandoodle is a cross between the Standard Poodle and the Great Dane.

These large puppies grow up to be 80-100 pounds and stand up to 30 inches tall. 

And with all that dog, there is a lot to love. Great Dandoodles are quite natured dogs with a lot of love in their hearts.

Your Dandoodle will stay right at your side and makes the perfect guard dog.

With their protective instincts, low barks, and size, no one will mess with you or your property. 

7. Bernedoodle 

With a mixture like the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, you can see why the Bernedoodle makes our list.

These dogs are a lot to love and so playful.

You will adore how silly and energetic the Bernedoodle is.

They have the cuteness factor everyone wants and a brain to make them even better.

These dogs love to train and perform tasks their entire life.

So be prepared to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. 

And if you were wondering about the size, these pups get to be 70-90 pounds and stand 23-39 inches tall.

Anyone who brings home a Bernedoodle gets the big dog they want without it being too oversized. 

8. Rottle

If you are looking for a Doodle breed that is large but stout, a Rottle might be a great choice for you.

A Rottle is a hybrid of the Poodle and Rottweiler, and trust us when we say you will not regret it.

These 60-90 pound dogs are full of pure joy. They are cute, goofy, and love their families. 

Your Rottle will greet you with such enthusiasm incomparable to any other.

They love to play and romp around like a puppy for most of their lives.

But they also protect their people and house with a bit of training. You will love every second with a Rottle. 

9. Shepadoodle

Next on our list is the German Shepard Poodle mix. The Shepadoodle is one of the most well-mannered breeds around.

They are eager to please and form tight bonds with their handlers. Most people love the Shepadoodle as hypoallergenic guide dogs, but they also make great pets. 

And what people love about the Shepadoodle is that they are the perfect in-between of a giant breed and a large breed.

Your little puppy might seem cute and tiny at first. But it will grow into a 60-80 pound dog that stands up to 22 inches tall.

This might seem intimidating, considering their serious natures. But remember that under that exterior is a dog who loves to play. 

10. Sheepadoodle

Not to be confused with a Shepadoodle is the ShEEpadoodle. These dog’s parent breeds are the Standard Poodle and Old English Sheepdog.

They are playful and silly dogs that have a great sense of humor.

They will love to play with you and the family and going on all of your adventures.

And let’s not forget that they are downright adorable to look at. 

The Sheepadoodle makes this list by weighing in at 60-80 pounds and standing nearly 22 inches tall.

So there is a whole lot of dog under that fluff. Which also means there is a whole lot to love. 

11. Double Doodle

And finally, we have our last large dog, the Double Doodle.

Double Doodles are the perfect mix of a Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Standard Poodle.

These dogs are an F2 generation cross of the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle. And they grow up to be 50-80 pounds and 24 inches tall. 

However, these dogs are more than just size.

They are also a curly coat of sunshine in every owner’s life.

They love their families and love to go, go, go all day long. Having a happier dog couldn’t be possible even if you tried. 

Before Getting A Large Breed

The dogs on this list are not only the most lovable dogs, but they are also very loyal. But with a large dog comes great responsibility.

Most people think of the obvious when they want large Doodle dogs and consider space. However, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to these large breeds. 

Large dogs cost more to maintain than small breeds.

They eat a lot of food and cost more on average in treats and toys. 

The larger the dog, the more chances you have for hip dysplasia along with other health issues as they get older. 

Another thing to consider is that large breeds take longer to groom.

And when you have a Doodle, they require lots of grooming. Even their haircuts will cost more than smaller dogs. 

If you travel a lot, taking your larger dogs with you might be a little tricky.

Not impossible, but there are some challenges to it. 

And finally, they require a lot of training to prevent them from overpowering you as they grow. 

If you don’t have an issue with any of these conditions, then large Doodles are perfect for you. 

If you haven’t seen a Saint Berdoodle up close yet, you need to watch this video and see how cute, but large they really are. There’s a lot to love with this breed :-)

Did You Find The Perfect Breed? 

We have looked at several largest Doodle dog Poodle breed mixes.

And this list is the biggest and most precious out of them all. Hopefully, you can find your family’s newest friend here. 

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