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10 Smartest Doodle Dog Breeds And Why

10 Smartest Doodle Dog Breeds And Why

Doodles are world-famous for their intelligence. People use them for guide, therapy, and service dogs all over the world. And when you combine this intelligence with a hypoallergenic coat, you couldn’t ask for a better combination. But what are the 10 smartest Doodle dog breeds and why? Let’s find out together!

10 Smartest Doodle Dogs

#1 Bordoodle (Border Collie/Poodle)

Let’s jump right into the 10 smartest Doodle dog breeds and why. Border Collies have been #1 on the topmost intelligent breeds for years. Border Collies have incredible focus and intelligence that they use for herding. They have the drive to please their owners, and nothing is too complicated for them to learn. So it only makes sense that the Bordoodle is among the top smartest Doodle dogs. 

Bordoodles are the perfect combination of the Poodle and Border Collie. Not only are they loyal and loving dogs, but also easy to train. It is in their DNA to work and perform tasks. Your Bordoodle will be at the top of their training classes, and there is nothing they can’t learn. Basic commands, agility, and tricks are all to your advantage. 

#2 Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever/Poodle) 

People use Labs as seeing-eye dogs and service dogs all the time. In fact, a breeder in Australia designed the first Labradoodle as a hypoallergenic guide dog. And these dogs indeed deliver. 

Labradoodles are eager to please their owners in everything they do. This drive to make us happy is what helps them learn faster. Once your Labradoodle understands that certain behaviors will get them a reward, they do it more and more. And they don’t even ask for much in terms of a treat. A small piece of food and lots of praise is enough for them. 

Your Labradoodle will learn all the basics with ease. And with work, there is no end to what they can understand. Some owners even claim that their Labradoodles understand common phrases that are unrelated to commands. They even have an impeccable emotional intelligence that makes them the best comfort animals around. 

#3 Shepdoodle (German Shepherd/Poodle) 

When you think of a German Shepherd, you likely think of a police dog. This breed is intelligent, affectionate, and has impressive focus. We use them as police dogs all over the world for these reasons. The military has also noticed these intelligent dogs and recruited them into the force. 

But did you know the original German Shepherds were sheep herding dogs? People have always revered working dogs as some of the most intelligent dogs in the world. That’s why the German Shepherd is the third smartest dog in the world. 

So, it’s only natural that the Shepdoodle makes one of the most intelligent Doodle dogs. Your Shepdoodle will inherit all of this focus. You might even find that your Shepdoodle learns commands after only a few tries. And if that’s not the epitome of intelligence, we don’t know what does. 

#4 Rottle (Rottweiler/Poodle)

Rottweilers are sweet and affectionate dogs that don’t get enough credit for their intelligence. Rottweilers originally herd livestock and made wonderful farmhands. They also protected the farm, which led them to become one of America’s best-known guard dogs. 

The Rottle is an adorable low shedding version of their ancestors. They love their families and take their devotion seriously. Your Rottle will do anything you want them to, and with such dedication. Rottles learn commands quickly, and they don’t even need much incentive. As long as you tell them they are the best dogs in the world, they will do it all. 

Owners of Rottles claim that their pups potty train with ease. And if they are involved in training classes, they learn faster than most dogs. Your Rottle will love being goofy and playing with you. But their desire to learn and work is just as strong. 

#5 Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle)

When you think of a Doodle, you likely think of a Goldendoodle. These pups have taken America by storm in the past 20 years, and for a good reason. Golden Retrievers and Poodles are hunting dogs that need concentration, stamina, and intelligence to do their jobs. 

So when you combine these intelligent breeds, you get equally smart Doodle dogs. Your Goldendoodle is in tune with everything around them. They perceive emotions well and delight in anything that brings you joy. And with a little positive reinforcement, your Goldendoodle can do anything. 

Just like the Labradoodle, many people use the Goldendoodle as a therapy or service dog. And if you get a Mini Goldendoodle, they make the perfect calming pet with no training at all. 

#6 Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/Poodle) 

Next on our 10 smartest Doodle dog breeds and why is the Aussiedoodle. People don’t think of Aussies as being intelligent dogs. But they have everything you want in smart dogs-focus, fast learner, and eager to please their owners. 

And the Aussiedoodle combines the intelligence of both parents into one fantastic dog. Your Aussiedoodle will learn everything you want him to, and some that you won’t. Aussiedoodle owners have tons of stories of their Aussiedoodles getting into, or out of, places they shouldn’t. They can learn how to open doors, cabinets and useful commands as well. 

#7 Papi-Poo (Papillon/Poodle) 

You might have never given much thought to small dogs and their intelligence. The little dog stereotype is yappy and full of herself. But in reality, these dogs can be just as intelligent as large breeds. Papillons, for instance, make the top 10 breeds in the world. 

A Papillon temperament is playful and very loyal. But they are also regarded as one of the most obedient breeds. It doesn’t take much to convince these dogs to follow commands. And just like large breeds, there is no end to what they can learn. 

With the Papi-Poo hybrid, this Doodle intelligence is unlike anything you have ever seen. These dogs are the essence of good behavior. Once your dog learns a command or proper house rules, they rarely act out. If you have an ill-behaved Papi-Poo, it’s almost always the result of mental health. 

#8 Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) 

Giant Schnauzers are regal and serious in nature. They are devout breeds that have strong personalities. Some might view the Schnauzer as a hard-headed dog, but they are brilliant if you understand them. Mini Schnauzers are not as headstrong as the giant breeds and just as intelligent. So if you are not as experienced in dog training, a Mini Schnoodle might be for you. 

So what makes the Schnoodle one of the smartest Doodle dogs? When you combine the purebred temperaments, it makes for a loyal and easy dog to mold. Your Schnoodle will learn commands easily and quickly. They master anything you throw at them, and in record time. 

You can teach your Schnoodle anything from basic commands to more complicated tricks. They also make excellent companion pets or service dogs. So no matter what you want a dog for, the Schnoodle is perfect. 

#9 Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountian Dog/Poodle) 

Who says you can’t have a goofy dog that does some funny things that aren’t also smart? Much like the Bernese Mountain Dog parent. The Bernese looks to their owners for guidance and loves to have a job. Initially, these dogs worked on farms, pulling carts, and protecting the flocks. And it has paid off with their selective breeding, which retained the intelligence to all offspring. 

Bernedoodles love to please their owners, and you can use this to your advantage. If you find a tasty treat, your Bernedoodle will do anything for it. With a positive reinforcement training style, you can get your Bernedoodle trained in no time. 

Bernedoodles are intelligent on an emotional level too. People all over have discovered the beauty of having a Bernedoodle for companionship. They feel your emotions just as much as you do. And when they pick up on these, they act accordingly. While we don’t condone false ESAs, they make an excellent addition for anyone who needs some emotional support. 

#10 Doberdoodle (Doberman/Poodle) 

The last of the most intelligent Doodle dogs is the Doberdoodle. Now you wouldn’t think that a dog with a funny name like this is brilliant. But we are just full of surprises today. The Doberman and Poodle both score in the top 5 for dogs with the highest IQ. 

Dobermans were once one of the best guard dogs in America. And when they first came to the scene, many countries used them as police dogs. These agile and witty dogs eventually won the hearts of thousands and became a house pet. 

But you shouldn’t get a Doberdoodle unless you have training experience. Doberdoodles are intelligent and loyal dogs. But this Doodle temperament also includes getting bored quickly. If left to their own demise, they find trouble. So they take more time and effort than most Doodles on this list. But that’s the price you pay for intelligent breeds.

Did A Doodle Catch Your Eye? 

There are so many more Doodles we wish we could add to this list. They are all intelligent in their own ways and make great pets. But we hope that this 10 smartest Doodle dog breeds and why list makes it easier for you.

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what are the 10 smartest Doodle dog breeds and why?

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