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10 Best Games, Toys and Treats For Labradoodle Puppies?

10 Best Games, Toys and Treats For Labradoodle Puppies?

Is your puppy bored? Do you feel like you aren’t entertaining enough for your Labradoodle? Or maybe your puppy is bored of the standard puppy toys from the store? Well, we have good news! You can get some boredom busters today! Keep reading our 10 best games, toys, and treats for Labradoodle puppies. These are tried and true. And at the end, we will give you tips on keeping your puppies entertained.

1 Nina Ottoson Puppy Smart Puzzle

First on our 10 best games, toys, and treats for Labradoodle puppies is an incredible game. We all know that Labradoodles are smart little cookies. So it’s never too early to sharpen their minds with puzzles. Puzzles like the one by Nina Ottoson are an excellent introduction. And even this puzzle has two difficulty levels, so your puppy can enjoy hours of fun.

This puzzle holds up to a cup of food so you can make mealtime, fun time. It might take a few tries until your puppy understands the concept of the game. But once your pup figures it out, he will get quicker. Then you can turn the pieces around to make it more difficult.

Once your puppy has mastered this puzzle, there are tons of other options to choose from. The Nina Ottoson puzzles are of excellent quality and last a lifetime. Having a few of these up your sleeve to rotate is a fantastic way to keep your Labradoodle puppy on her toes.

2 StarMark Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser

Another excellent treat dispenser is the Bob-A-Lot. Your puppy will love patting around the Bob-A-Lot for entertainment and treats. These toys are great to give your puppy a little mental stimulation when you are away. Your puppy will have hours of entertainment.

Do you have a smart pup who figures things out quickly? Don’t worry! The Bob-A-Lot also has an adjustable opening to make it more difficult. You could fill this toy with food, treats, or even raw vegetables.

3 AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Labradoodles are natural hunters, and these Snuffle Mats by AWOOF are perfect for encouraging it. You hide treats throughout the mat, and your puppy uses his nose to find them. It might seem like a fun game, but it’s also practical.

Your puppy could play with their Snuffle Mats for hours. And we love that these mats are portable. So if you go on long trips and travel a lot, it’s a great activity to keep them busy. Plus, they are easy to wash and reuse for years to come.

4 Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Adjustable Dog Treat Ball

As you can tell, we love treat-dispensing toys. Pet Zone’s IQ Treat Ball is perfect for keeping your Labradoodle puppies busy while you are away. This ball is not only a fun game, but it’s also a way to relieve stress. You can load this ball up with food or treats, and your puppy will adore it. And it’s easy to clean and adjustable as your puppy gets better at it.

5 Full Moon All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats

Are Labradoodles easy to potty train? Not when you have the Full Moon All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats. Your puppy won’t be able to resist the smell and taste of these treats. So you can easily persuade even the most stubborn puppy with them. And since they are organic, you will feel good knowing that they aren’t going to harm your puppy’s growth.

6 Pet Naturals of Vermont Superfood Dog Treats

If you were wondering what treats are best for treat-dispensing toys, here’s your answer! The Superfood Dog Treats are the best Labradoodle puppy treats on the market. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep your puppy feeling strong. The Superfood treats also have antioxidants that help your puppy’s mind stay sharp. And as a bonus, these snacks come in so many different flavors. Even the pickiest of Labradoodle puppies will find a flavor they can’t resist.

7 Suwikeke Dog Puzzle Toys

Some of the best Labradoodle puppy games are puzzles. Your Labradoodle puppies are brilliant and love to solve problems. When you get them puzzles like the Suwikeke Dog Puzzle, you are training their minds. These puzzles also work with relieving stress and separation anxiety.

Suwikeke has multiple puzzles with different difficulty levels. So when your puppy figures out how to use it, you can upgrade and have a puzzle rotation. These puzzles work by placing a treat inside the compartment, and your Labradoodle shifts the pieces to reveal them. But don’t put treats in every hole! Keep them guessing and using their noses by leaving some empty.

8 Pupford Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs

If you wondered what the best treats for puzzles are, you need the Freeze-Dried Training Treats by Pupford. These treats are healthy, low calorie, and smell great. Your Labradoodle puppy toys wouldn’t be complete without them.

The strong scent of these treats makes them perfect for puzzles. And since these treats are so irresistible, your puppy won’t get bored in the middle of the hunt. These treats are even great for training!

9 PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal

Some Labradoodles might start to whine and cry when you leave for work. They get anxious and become destructive. You might wonder what’s wrong with Labradoodles? Nothing is wrong with Labradoodle puppies. They just have a little separation anxiety sometimes. The best cure for this is the PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal.

Fill your puppy’s breakfast into the Tug-A-Jug as you leave for work, and your puppy will be too distracted. And as your puppy grows, so can their Tug-A-Jug. This toy comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to large. So your Labradoodle will always have their favorite activity.

10 PetSafe Busy Buddy Barnacle – Dog Chew Toy – Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

And our last of the 10 best games, toys, and treats for Labradoodle puppies is the Busy Buddy Barnacle. This toy is a tough chewer treat and meal dispenser. You can use it to slow down fast eaters or as a busy toy. And it’s easily adjustable for any size food or treat.

Your dog could spend hours playing with this toy. And it might just become one of his new favorites. You will love the entertainment it gives and that you can easily toss it in the dishwasher.

Are Labradoodles High Maintenance?

You might be looking at this list and think that Labradoodle puppies are too much work. But in reality, taking care of a puppy of any breed is just like caring for a toddler. You have to train them, exercise them, and teach them wrong from right. Every puppy could benefit from a toy rotation with boredom busters mentioned above.

How Do You Use Toy Rotations?

If you haven’t had a dog before, toy rotations might seem like a foreign concept. Labradoodles are intelligent dogs who need lots of mental stimulation throughout the day. If they don’t get enough, they may resort to behaviors like marking, chewing, and running away.

So the best way to combat boredom is to have a variety of toys that you switch out once a week. We love getting plastic shoe boxes to make this easier, one box for every week of the month. Each box has 5-10 toys in it that your puppy only plays with when they are alone. And every week, they get a new variety of toys.

Keeping to toys only for occasions when you are gone makes the toys unique. They will love their toys so much that they won’t care that you are leaving. And since they only get those toys for a week a month, they are like new again when the next month comes around. So it also saves you money and time.

Do Labradoodles Like To Play Fetch?

Of course, Labradoodles like to play fetch! Your Labradoodle puppies would be just as happy with a tennis ball as with any other toy on this list. You can use just about any toy as a fetch toy as well. Stuffed animals, teethers, and balls alike are some favorites.

Fetch is an excellent Labradoodle puppy game to bond with your dog. It also burns energy and releases tension. And you have to remember that Labradoodles are hunting dogs by nature. So chasing a toy down the yard is a great way to express their natural abilities.

Are Labradoodles Big Chewers?

Labradoodle puppies love to chew most of the day. They love toys with different flavors and textures to help with their teething process. But some Labradoodles continue with this chewing into adulthood. It’s an excellent way for them to release stress and calm down in high-anxiety times. So you should always keep a few chew toys on hand as well.

What Age Does A Labradoodle Puppy Calm Down?

This answer varies depending on what size Labradoodle you have. Smaller breeds tend to mature by 10-12 months old. But larger breeds might take 18-24 months to calm down. But your Labradoodle puppies will still retain that high energy for years to come. So these toys are suitable for a Labradoodle of any age.

And That’s Our Best Boredom Buster Tips!

Giving your dog plenty of attention and things to do will keep your Labradoodle puppies happy and healthy. With our 10 best games, toys and treats for Labradoodle puppies, you will feel better too. At the end of the day, they will want nothing more than to show love. How do Labradoodles show affection? Simple things like following you around the house, cuddling, and sitting right next to you. The simple things that make their lives complete.

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10 best Games, Toys and treats for Labradoodle puppies?

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