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10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes For My Doodle Dog

10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes For My Doodle Dog

Subscription boxes are all the rage today. You can get everything from food to clothes, to makeup, and yes, even pet supplies. Today, we are going to focus on the 10 best dog subscription boxes for my Doodle dog. You can pick any subscription on this list and be satisfied that your dog has the best products out there. 


surprise myy pet

Our first subscription dog box goes to Surprise My Pet. This box is run and operated by a small family business. And each box is uniquely curated to contain 5-7 high-quality items, including toys, all-natural treats, and accessories. So what makes this subscription dog box so wonderful? 


  • Each box also donates to rescue dogs in need. And you get to vote on which charity the company contributes to. 
  • Your dog will get a wide variety of toys to keep them busy. It makes the price seem worth it to get so many toys in one box. 
  • You can’t find most of these toys in a regular pet store. 
  • Each box is perfectly fitted to fit any dog size. 


  • No options for super chewers. 



We love the customization of the PupJoy box. You can choose between a curated Surprise Box that sends boxes according to a theme. Or you can select a Build Your Own Box option that you pick what toys and treats your Doodle gets. Both of these boxes include two treats, two toys, and two meaty chews. 


  • VIP pricing for only $30 a year. This includes access to online discounts, free shipping, and a referral program. 
  • PupJoy has an online store to buy all of your dog’s favorites. 
  • Total customization and a tough chewer option. 


  • If you aren’t a VIP member, you don’t get free shipping on your subscription dog box. 



Next on our 10 best dog subscription boxes for my Doodle dog is the Bully Make. This box is the most popular with our heavy chewers. Each toy is more durable than almost any other box on this list. Each box contains 2-3 toys and three full bags of treats. 


  • Toys only options allow your dogs to get 4-5 toys instead of two. And you can even add an extra toy for only $9 more. 
  • All boxes come with only nylon, rubber, or ballistic toys. 
  • And the more you subscribe for, the more you save. 


  • They do have a 100% guarantee, which sounds nice at first. But it only lasts for 14 days. If your dog breaks the toy after 14 days, they are not responsible. But owners rarely seem to have a problem with their dogs destroying the Bully Make box toys. 



If training is your thing, you need to take a look at the PupBox. Not only does this box come with 4-6 products that vary from toys to grooming supplies and treat. This box also comes with a handy training guide based on your dog’s age. 


  • A professional trainer created this box to set you up for success. And they aren’t just for puppies. PupBox also has adult options.
  • Your Doodle’s toys will always be size appropriate. And when your puppy starts to outgrow small toys, you can adjust its weight on the account. 
  • Finally, with a referral program, you get a free box for every person who signs up. And they get 50% off of their first box. 


  • The only con is that there is a tough chewers box option, but you have to go through customer service to get it. They don’t make it easy on you because they want you to embrace your puppy’s destruction. But it can seem like a waste of money if the toys don’t last for longer than a day. 


pet treater

Pet Treater not only caters to dogs, but they have cat boxes too! And this box has more of a variety to choose a subscription dog box that fits your budget. The basic Dog Pack includes 3-4 toys and products. But they also have a treats only or toys only option. And if you want a larger box for more fun, you can get the Delux Dog Pack with 5-8 toys per box. 


  • Each box has a fun variety of toys, grooming products, or accessories. So your dog won’t get bored, and you will have something fun as well. 
  • Each box ranges from $18-$25, which is super affordable for almost anyone. 
  • Pet Treater is apart of the Brown Dog Foundation. So every box you get, they donate a toy, treat, and blankie to a dog in need. 


  • There is no guarantee on any toy or product unless it came damaged. So if your dog tends to destroy toys, this isn’t the box for them. 


Surprise pawty

Another subscription dog treats and toys box is by Surprise Pawty because every day is a “pawty” for your doggie. These boxes include 5-6 products not only for your dog but something for you too. Your dog will get toys, treats, essentials, and accessories right at your door. And birthday treats on your dog’s birthday month. 


  • Surprise Pawty stands by its 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like something, you can exchange it for something with no problem. 
  • You can give Surprise Pawty notes on the types of toys and treats that your dog likes. Then they customize your boxes according to your likes and dislikes. 
  • Super chewer options are available with a simple click of the button. 


  • There is a $4.99 flat rate shipping fee for USA residents. 
  • There is a small window open to order your boxes. If you get there too late, you will have to try later. There is a timer at the top of the page to let you know when to check again. 



If you are looking for a subscription dog toys box, Pooch Perks has excellent customization options. Your Doodle will get 2-3 toys, two treats, and a chew toy in each box. 


  • If you have more than one dog, they have options to add toys and mark your box as a mixed household. 
  • Pooch Perks also has a chewer box to ensure that your dog only gets durable toys. 
  • And to make it all better, this subscription dog box has some of the best quality toys. 


  • There is a small shipping fee, but it is only $2. Most subscriptions roll this price into their box cost, but Pooch Perks is transparent about it. 


blockhead box

This subscription dog toys box is brought to you by Fight4Them. Each package is designed for tough chewers. You get 3-4 toys, a T-shirt, and a bag of treats. And the main selling point of this is that each box purchased helps stop abuse and illegal dog fights across America. 


  • Blockhead only chooses the toughest of toys for the most vigorous chewers. 
  • Not only do your dogs get cool toys, but you get an awesome T-shirt to support the cause. 
  • You can purchase directly from their store all of your dog’s favorite toys and treats. 
  • There are several subscription options, and the more you sign up for, the more you save. 


  • While Blockhead does offer a guarantee, it is only for ten days. If your dog destroys a toy on the first day, Blockhead Box will replace it for free. But if they break them a few weeks later, it is not covered. 


rescue box

The RescueBox is an innovative subscription dog box. Each delivery will include five products ranging from toys, treats, and chews. And with every box you get, 142 shelter animals get fed. 


  • This box donates more meals than almost any other subscription. 
  • Each box theme is fun for every holiday. 
  • Every package contains over $40 worth of products. 


  • This box is not customizable. 



Our final subscription is BarkBox. This box makes the 10 best dog subscription boxes for my Doodle dog for many reasons. It contains two themed toys, two full-sized bags of treats, and two meaty chews. But here is what we love about it. 


  • The customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee beat any other company. If your dog doesn’t like a toy or breaks, BarkBox will send you a replacement. 
  • If you look in the BarkShop, you can buy all of your dog’s favorites. And you can even purchase past boxes. 
  • Another pro to BarkBox is that they have a Super Chewer box with all of the same qualities you like about the regular. 
  • And birthday boxes are a great perk.


  • Not too much customization on what types of toys or treats you get. Things are random, but it can be a fun surprise. 


And that’s our 10 best dog subscription boxes for my Doodle dog. Each one of these subscriptions has so many wonderful qualities. And your Doodle will be thrilled for their new toys and treats every month. That’s the real beauty of these boxes. 

What is your favorite subscription dog box? Do you have a favorite that’s not here? Let us know! 

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10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes For My Doodle Dog

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